Media: GOP Landslide Means Voters Hate GOP

According to the mainstream press, when voters deliver a GOP landslide, that means they detest both parties. I would love to say this means that Chuck Todd of “Meet the Press” has, as they say, jumped the shark. But I’m afraid that the audience will simply accept the contradiction and move on. As Joseph Curl writes in the Washington Times, “MSM says GOP tsunami means voters are choosing ‘none of the above’” No less an MSM icon than “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd has said Read more […]

Was Dick Morris a Democrat Mole?

A mole is an espionage term. The mole burrows deep into an organization to do two things: (1) find information that could help the group that sent him in as a mole and (2) to sabotage the operation of the enemy. Was Dick Morris a mole for the Democrats, in particular, the Clintons? Days before the 2012 election, Morris predicted a Romney landslide. He had been making this claim for some time. Here’s what he said to Bill O’Reilly on Fox on October 31st, nearly a week before the election: O’REILLY: You’re Read more […]