Hispanic Privilege: They Don’t Believe in Same-Sex Marriage

In a painful self-flagellating article on white privilege, the writer shows the people he pities are more privileged than he is. I am tempted to say a lot of things about this rather silly piece at the Washington Post: “I tried to escape my privilege with low-wage work. Instead I came face to face with it.” And it has a teaser line: “The advantages of race and class are not easily shed, even in a falafel shop.” But they weren’t advantages of race at all, and advantage is not identical Read more […]

Millennials, Hispanics, not Flocking to Obamacare

Awhile back I posted about the (surprising?) fact that both millennials and Hispanics voted for the GOP in 2012. Additionally, despite pajama-wearing icons, millennials have not been flocking to Obamacare—probably because being fleeced to support wealthier older citizens doesn’t seem like an attractive option. It now turns out that the trend is continuing with Millennials and Obamacare enrollment—and it also is happening for Hispanics. See this story at the Daily Caller: “HealthCare.gov Read more […]

Free Stuff Trumps Morality in Voting

There’s a new report out that says that blacks oppose homosexual marriage in greater numbers than Latinos and whites and yet more than 93 percent of blacks voted for the first pro-homosexual-marriage president. Among blacks, Latinos and whites, blacks were the only racial or ethnic group in which a majority of respondents said they opposed gay marriage, in a Washington Post-ABC poll. On marijuana legalization, blacks are most supportive while Latinos are the least supportive. Fifty-one percent Read more […]