Law Enforcement Overstepping Bounds

Government servants are stealing from innocent people, again. The fact that it is legal to seize people’s belongings before they are convicted, or, even before a case has been built against them or charges brought, is egregious  indeed.  In Tennessee, lawmakers want to reduce police agencies’ ability to seize cash and vehicles without actual criminal convictions. Those in law enforcement are up in arms about this move to protect the rights of the people. From The Times Free Press A 2010 Read more […]

A Fine Proposal

I have a wonderful idea. Let’s abolish all fines paid to the civil government for traffic violations. Every one of them. Speeding tickets, parking tickets, DUIs. You name it. I want them all abolished. Why? Because they are illogical, ineffective, and immoral. Why are they illogical? For one, why should you pay the civil government money for breaking a law. This makes no sense. If I have damaged someone’s life or property, by all means the civil government should require me to pay for what Read more […]

Feds Fail At Stealing Private Property In Civil Forfeiture Case

Motel Caswell in Massachusetts is a family owned business, and has been in business since the 50’s. Russ and Patricia Caswell’s $1 million motel property came under fire a couple months ago when the federal government decided they wanted to seize it under civil forfeiture laws. The Caswells were an easy target for easy money because they are a small “Mom & Pop” business without the funds necessary to fight a civil forfeiture case against the feds. Also, their property has no mortgage, Read more […]

Protesters Prevent Police From Obtaining a Spy Drone

Alameda County wants to be the first law enforcement agency in California to acquire a spy drone. The sheriff appealed to the County Board of Supervisors to approve a $31,646 grant so that the sheriff’s office could purchase a small drone. Protesters concerned about invasion of privacy have so far stalled the sheriff’s efforts in obtaining the aircraft, and their objections may cause the police department to scrap the idea altogether. The $31,646 was part of a larger $1.2 million disbursement Read more […]

When Cops and Robbers Are the Same People

If you want to move stolen goods or sell them in Gaston County, North Carolina, you may not be able to procure a police escort or armed “law enforcement” security for your trucks of looted merchandise. The qualified providers of such services have been relocated and are unable to offer their skills at the moment. According to reports, the FBI stormed the Police Department and Town Hall of Cherryville, North Carolina, Wednesday, arresting four police officers and two others for transporting Read more […]