Will Indiana Be Broken by Law?

At the foundation of every social order is a concept of law, government and individual rights. For most of the history of our country this foundation was the Bible — the Word of God — including both the Old and New Testaments. All of the original 13 states expressed in their Constitutions that the Christian Faith was the foundation of law.   And the laws of each of those states were designed to secure the protection of its exercise.  Contrast this with communist Russia’s policy that Read more […]

The Death of Evangelicalism?

In early 2009, the late Michael Spencer (aka the Internet Monk, or iMonk) wrote an article entitled “The Coming Evangelical Collapse.” In this article, Spencer gave his assessment of the future of the evangelical movement. His forecast was not a pleasant one, especially for those who believe that evangelicalism is doing just fine. I tend to agree with most of Spencer’s reservations about the effectiveness of the movement in the years and decades to come, and like Spencer I also believe that Read more […]

Obama’s Marxist Ideology is Showing Again

In several of President Obama’s speeches I’ve heard a reworking of Karl Marx’s “labor theory of value” maxim. It’s the heart of Marxist ideology. It argues that the value of a commodity is related to the labor needed to produce or obtain that commodity. A person’s value is in his work regardless of whether what he produces ever has any utility or demand. In his “you didn’t build that speech,” President Obama said “a lot of people work hard.” Cheers went up from the crowd. Read more […]

Lawyers Seek $2,100 Per Hour — Client Gets $15 in ‘Mini-Wheats’ Case

Perhaps you’ve seen the TV commercial in which Frosted Mini-Wheats help children stay attentive in school and get the right answers. No teacher will dispute that a child who had something to eat does better in school than a hungry student. A class-action lawsuit was filed against Kellogg’s by a California resident (where else?) who alleged that the commercials, which said that clinical studies showed that a breakfast of Frosted Mini-Wheats helped improve children’s attentiveness by 20 percent, Read more […]