The Administration Knows They Have Encouraged Illegal Immigration

An internal report from Homeland Security, one that we were not supposed to read, was linked to Here is an excerpt: Migration pull factors include reunification with family members already in the United States and successful migration attempts; that is, most (98 percent) OTM UCs are issued a Notice to Appear and not immediately removed from the United States. Last year, only 1,700 UCs were repatriated to their home countries… HSI-Intel assesses with high confidence that reunification Read more […]

TSA Nudie Scanners Illegal but They’re Using Them Anyway

It is hard to believe but Federal agencies are not supposed to be able to create new laws at whim and require the American people to obey them. There is a procedure set out that allows proposed rules to be reviewed and commented upon. According to the blog of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) uses more than 700 full-body imaging scanners in 160 airports nationwide. In addition to the empirical evidence that shows they don’t actually make Read more […]

Indoctrinating People to Believe They Are above the Law: IRS Gives Bonuses to Employees Who Owe Back Taxes

How would you teach the members of an organization that they were special—really special? You would want to encourage these people to believe there was nothing wrong with bending the law in order to harass and intimidate your political opponents. So you would need them to not to lack any confidence about their standing to carry out their missions. Is that what is going on in the IRS? I can’t say for sure. I don’t have recorded or documentary evidence of any kind of self-conscious strategy. Read more […]