IRS Lawyers Get New Job as White House Advisors

Group complains that there are no provisions to prevent these former IRS lawyers from using private information about taxpayers and Tea Party groups. When Lois Lerner used her position to select and target Tea Party organizations for special scrutiny and abusive treatment, she did not act alone. She had lawyers helping with her plan. The IRS has lawyers after all, and their role for the IRS is similar to that of lawyers for the NSA devising ways to claim that the Patriot Act authorizes bulk data Read more […]

Constitutional Literacy – Does It Matter?

Pop quiz:  What holiday do Americans celebrate on September 17?  If you said, “Constitution Day” congratulations!  You are among a very small minority of Americans who know something of their history.  But, is that really important?  Why celebrate the Constitution?  Who even knows what it says? A couple years ago the Ohio General Assembly passed legislation (SB-165) that mandated teaching directly from a few of the founding documents, one of which was the U. S. Constitution.  While Read more […]

Via Obamacare And Other Plagues, Obama Is Trying To Turn All U.S. Into Ventura County, CA

That’s not a good thing! Megan McArdle led me to this blog post this morning: “A Milestone to Celebrate: I Have Closed All My Businesses in Ventura County, California.” Normally, the closure of a business operation or division is not grounds for a celebration, but in this case I am going to make an exception.  At midnight on December 31, I not only drank a toast to the new year, but also to finally getting all my business operations out of Ventura County, California. Never have I operated Read more […]

Is Congress Too Full of Lawyers?

Congressional approval is at an all-time low, somewhere around 9%.  The overall feelings expressed by most Americans is that they don’t accomplish anything worthwhile and are so rich and elite that they no longer have any connection to the common working man. In a recent poll, people indicated that they liked cockroaches, root canals and colonoscopies more than they liked their congressmen and women.  There are all kinds of reason for the low approval ratings, but perhaps one man may have Read more […]