Is Mormonism Getting Ready to Return to Polygamy?

Allow me to correct the language regarding polygamy used by the Washington Post in reporting this story (“The Mormon church finally acknowledges founder Joseph Smith’s polygamy”), to make it more accurate: The Mormon Church is finally acknowledging that founder Joseph Smith had as many as forty adulterous relationships. The reality is that Joseph went so far as to have his manufactured “god” threaten his true wife, Emma, with destruction if she didn’t accept the extra women her husband had Read more […]

Federal Judge Decriminalized Polygamy

Oh, and did you hear: A Utah Federal judge decriminalized polygamy. The ride into Hell just got culturally much bumpier. NPR reports, The case is high profile partly because the suit was brought forth by the Brown family, the stars of the TLC show Sister Wives. It’s also important because as it works its way through the appeals process, it has the potential to become a landmark. As the Salt Lake Tribune reads the decision, U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups says the part of the law that Read more […]

Romney Delivers Hurricane Relief While Clinton Compares Him to Hurricane Sandy

On the eve of the biggest storm to hit the eastern seaboard of the United States in 100 years, Bill Clinton was delivering a speech revving up Democrat zombies for Senate candidate Chris Murphy of Connecticut: “On the eve of a hurricane-induced break in the political season, Bill Clinton gave Democrats a 30-minute pep talk Sunday, framing U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy’s race for U.S. Senate as an election of national interest.” “‘We’re coming down to the 11th hour. We’re facing a violent storm,’ Read more […]

Gloria Allred’s ‘October Surprise’ Might Help Romney

In my article “Will Gloria Allred Try to Destroy Mitt Romney with an ‘October Surprise’?,” I pointed out that Allred may be trying to pull an “October Surprise” to defame Mitt Romney and ruin his bid for the presidency. I figured that if Allred is involved, the surprise would have to be about a woman. Supposedly her “case,” if there really is one, is based on Geoffrey Dunn’s new book Horror Stories: Mitt Romney’s Shameful Record with Mormon Women. Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit Read more […]