Left Behind – Should Christians Be Known for End-of-the-World Fantasies?

I thought this Christian minister made a wise observation in classifying the forthcoming Left Behind movie with secular and horror fiction in general: In today’s news the picking of your poison has become a veritable smorgasbord. There is tension with Russia, the Israelis/Hamas conflict, Islamic militants brutally killing hundreds of people, including children, earth-destroying asteroids and the Ebola virus to mention a few. Was there ever a time when there was so much seriously threatening bad Read more […]

Why God Doesn’t Let Christians Have More Influence In The U.S. In Two Words: Left Behind

Christians are being “left behind”—mainly because they want to live in a fantasy rather than read their Bibles or prepare for the future. I have written about how God has blessed us with tremendous Liberal failures. Despite “the giants in the land,” we have been handed an opportunity to gain victory. The future is ours to win… Or to throw away. A “Left Behind” producer and writer recently took on questions from fans of the upcoming end-times film and went on the defensive when Read more […]

The Role That Bible Prophecy Plays in Conservative Politics

One of the reasons conservatives lose politically and socially is because a majority of them (mostly Christians) are preoccupied with Bible prophecy and the soon end of the world. They believe they’re living on the precipice of some great eschatological event that is always on the horizon — an any-moment rapture that will leave behind a screwed up world. They look at world events, like generations of Christians before them, and conclude that the end must be near. I heard Glenn Beck say something Read more […]