An Executive Branch Full of Lawmakers Is Killing Freedom

Apathy in Congress is killing freedom too, as they do nothing to dismantle these bureaucracies. Our own apathy is also deadly. If you like freedom—and want your children to experience any semblance of liberty—you must understand the principles outlined in this piece by Senator Mike Lee. Beyond that, we must apply that understanding in how we vote, and how we act in the civil sphere. [See also, “Unable to Hurt Cruz, GOP Daggers Are Out for Mike Lee.”] In America—as in no nation Read more […]

Congress Made Obama Big Brother

The Senate snuck a provision into a bill so that Congress made Obama Big Brother. This week, while we were distracted by the torture report and the Jonathan Gruber Show on the Hill, Congress fully empowered and funded some of the most controversial (and unconstitutional) practices of the NSA. Justin Amash writes about how he caught wind of this on his Facebook page, along with his letter to Congress: When I learned that the Intelligence Authorization Act for FY 2015 was being rushed to Read more […]

How Many Illegal Legislative Acts Does Obama Get Before GOP Does Something About It?

Everyone is reading about this right now, but I don’t see anyone asking the Constitutional question. Fox News: In another delay for the health care law and another sign of problems with its central website, the Obama administration announced a day before the Thanksgiving holiday that it would push off online enrollment for small businesses by another year.  The Department of Health and Human Services said Wednesday that it will delay the launch of the online SHOP Marketplace – which is meant Read more […]