Jesus Is Not A Libertarian But A King

I love libertarians. Actually, I love some libertarians. Specifically, I love reading the essays at and following their blog. I find some other libertarian groups and think tanks useful on issues, but most of them are essentially “Big Government” Libertarians who are fine foisting homosexual marriage on the country. Furthermore, many of them were silent or complicit in the insane and bankrupting foreign interventionism of the last twelve years or so. But I think I need to Read more […]

Tax Payers and Tax Eaters

It is often argued that we need to have government intervention in economics and business because the rich will keep getting richer otherwise. On the face of it, this may seem to make sense, but the reality of it is far from true: the rich do not always get richer. In fact, the only scenario where the rich will always get richer is with government intervention. Only when the rich are subject to the same free market risks and rewards as everyone else can there be true equity. Lew Rockwell writes: There Read more […]