German Bestiality Is Still Legal; Brothels Growing

With a growing “rental” industry for sex with animals, some are asking why, in Germany, bestiality is still legal. Others are defending it. When I wrote about bestiality being outlawed in Denmark, I quoted my sources that indicated Germany had also outlawed the practice, though I knew it had been legal in 2012. But, from what I see at the Daily Mail, it seems that is a mistake. German bestiality is still legal. Bestiality brothels are spreading through Germany faster than ever thanks to Read more […]

Teen Girl Denied Use of Boys Restroom; Duh

Why is it news that a fifteen-year-old young lady cannot use the school’s boys restroom? Look, I know that Liberals claim to be intelligent. And they have so captured what were once places of higher learning and study that they can make a case by association. You probably sometime wonder if you are right when liberal opinion is so uniformly against you. But just meditate on this story and realize that it is beyond question: Liberals are deeply delusional and stupid. They are also disgusting. This Read more […]

The Transgender Insanity Comes to High School Sports

If transgender insanity will make it seem reasonable to expose a female state worker to a violent male in what is supposed to be an all girls’ facility, then I suppose it is no surprise that it has also infected normal high schools. Here is an amazing story from the Washington Post: More than 100 community members flooded a meeting this week near Minneapolis, and thousands more sent e-mails. In response, the quasi-public body governing high school sports in Minnesota decided to delay a Read more […]

Don’t Stay Quiet

In case you weren’t aware of it, today is the Day of Silence, an annual silent protest by non-straights and their supporters against sexual preference persecution. I could go on and list the groups associated with the ever-growing acronym—it is now up to LGBTQ: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer—but it is actually much easier to simply refer to them as non-straight sexually, since this is really the main thing they all have in common. The goal of the Day of Silence, according to Read more […]