Now You Can’t Even Sit Like a Man

I’m all for equality between the sexes insofar as it’s reasonable. But when government officials start telling men how to sit in public, well, I just can’t stand for that. The busy beavers over at the transit agency in New York — of course it’s New York — are planning to spend beaucoup taxpayer bucks on an ad campaign to stop the public safety scourge they call “manspreading.” I’m going to go out on a limb and guess this is the brainchild of some mad feminist or her man-child partner, Read more […]

Attention Liberals: Miniature Human Brains Grown in Lab

The BBC is reporting that “miniature human brains have been grown in a lab in a feat scientists hope will transform the understanding of neurological disorders.” This is good news for liberals since, as Michael Savage has written, liberalism is a “mental disorder.” They could use new brain tissue given what we know about liberal economic policies. Liberals believe that youth employment will increase if the minimum wage is raised. Certainly companies who pay a higher wage will get more Read more […]