The Best-Laid Plans in Ferguson …

It took a grownup to put an end to the worst of the nonsense taking place in Ferguson, Missouri, for five nights since police shot and killed a black teen. That grownup happens to be the Democratic governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, who announced Thursday night that he was taking authority for law enforcement in Ferguson away from the local Barney Fife Brigade and giving it to the Highway Patrol. It’s completely understandable after all the images of tear gas, smoke bombs, flash bang grenades and Read more […]

Wouldn’t be Christmas Without Liberals’ Disdain for Jesus

Liberals are the “jerk friend” of Christmas, I’ve decided. You know what a jerk friend is. Many people have that one guy or gal you’ve known forever and whom you love dearly but who has a talent for just taking things too far, so that he embarrasses the heck out of you. That’s liberals and Christmas. The Left loves Christmas. They love the lights, the trees, the caroling, Santa Claus and all that. Many of them just can’t stand Jesus, who is the cause of the season. This explains the Read more […]

Elected Official Wants Gun Owners’ Homes Raided

There’s a good reason that background checks and gun registration laws are bad ideas, and that reason’s name is Swampscott, Massachusetts Selectman Barry Greenfield. Greenfield is one of those little tyrants who apparently believes that government exists to keep you in line. He recently came out in favor of a measure that would allow law enforcement to come snooping around the homes of legal gun owners any time they please. It’s all in the public interest, naturally. Greenfield said that Read more […]

California Won’t Require ID Chips — for Now

It’s not exactly dodging a bullet. More like dodging a heat-seeking smart missile that’s going to turn around and take another pass at you. California for the moment has rejected putting infrared identification chips in driver’s licenses. The tracking chips, which are already in licenses in four other states, were approved by the Senate but got held up in the California Assembly Appropriations Committee last week over “privacy concerns.” Saying that the chips raise privacy issues is similar Read more […]

Which is Worse, an Atom Bomb or Liberals?

With the 68th anniversary of the dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, debate is still going on, mostly on the Left, over the use of the deadliest weapon of war ever developed. By dropping the bomb, America probably prevented many months of further conventional fighting that doubtless would have cost thousands of lives. But there’s no denying the price was steep. Thousands of lives, mostly civilian, were lost anyway, and the world was introduced to the horrors of atomic warfare. Gruesome Read more […]

Pro-Abortion Crowd Chants ‘Hail Satan’

It’s been noted by many conservative authors that liberalism is like a religion, and abortion is the liberals’ sacrament. Nowhere has that been better displayed recently than at the Texas capitol, where the Legislature has been debating abortion regulations in a special session called by Gov. Rick Perry. The politicking about abortion in Texas has been heated for weeks as pro-abortion liberals fight desperately to block efforts to restrict abortion after 20 weeks and to toughen safety standards Read more […]

Mainstream Dem Voters: 9/11 Hijackers As Bad As Tea Partiers

I usually don’t like to read conservative-leaning polls because I don’t like having a false sense of optimism, which those polls usually give us conservatives. I believe a healthy pessimism, though nothing too negative, energizes people to action more than any notion that things are getting better, which can result in our being too relaxed and content. But conservative-leaning pollsters do provide valuable information when it doesn’t come to politicians’ approval numbers. On the question of Read more […]

Liberals Succeed in Destroying Marriage

Around 1900, the liberal progressives determined three key things that were necessary to change America into their type of country.  They had to undermine Christianity, marriage and the traditional family unit.  All three were originally based upon biblical principles of which were the conservative foundations of our nation. They also determined that it would take at least 100 years to accomplish because the erosion of these foundational pillars had to be done slowly and gradually.  If they Read more […]

In Fight for Your Rights, Know Where They Come From

Now that we’ve all been stabbed in the back yet again by the RINOs in the Senate, I’m becoming more convinced that this gun control fight is going to end in bloodshed. That’s the only way some people will ever understand that Americans won’t willingly surrender themselves to the whims of the state. But more importantly, it is becoming less likely we can avoid bloodshed because some of us who want to defend our gun rights are actually encouraging the would-be dictators. Actions follow words, Read more […]

Ready to Give Up on America Yet?

I don’t get to listen to Rush Limbaugh too often, but I like him a lot. The conservative commentator known as El Rushbo always has a way of looking at current events that informs his audience of details the “drive-by media” overlook or keep hidden, yet he manages to keep things funny and positive, even in some of the darkest times. For his many years in broadcasting, and in the face of the angry Left that would love to see him brought low, the great Maha Rushie has been the premier national Read more […]

Gay Marriage Decision the Court Should Make

There’s a lot of rhetoric flying around due to the Supreme Court’s impending decision on gay “marriage.” One of the most annoying buzz phrases being bandied about is “marriage equality.” The political fight for gay “marriage” is about anything but equality. For the argument to be about equality, first someone would have to be getting something that you’re not. Despite gay activists’ abuse of the language, that’s not the case with gay “marriage.” First, they have the exact same rights to Read more […]

Rand Paul Introduces ‘Right to Life’ Bill

Fresh off his establishment-shaking filibuster, Senator Rand Paul is going for the heart of modern liberalism by taking on abortion. Rand Paul’s challenge of the Obama Administration’s drone policy gained him cheers from across the political spectrum, including the far Left. The Left won’t like this one. Rand Paul has introduced S. 583, the Life at Conception Act. According to the introduction, it is  “a bill to implement equal protection under the 14th article of amendment to the Constitution Read more […]