Learning the Wrong Lesson about Porn Viewers

The fact that porn viewers are more likely to claim feminism doesn’t vindicate porn but exposes how feminism is about exploiting women. Even though Reason has become insufferable lately over transgender “rights” and same-sex “marriage,” I was still surprised at how naïve they are regarding new claims about porn viewers: “People Who Watch Porn Hold More Feminist Views.” People might debate whether it’s a chicken or egg effect, but it’s often taken for granted that men who watch Read more […]

Love Gov – New Libertarian Satire Series

A five-part video series of Libertarian satire points out the nature of government: coercion. The Independent Institute has released a very timely, bold, new satirical video series on liberty—Love Gov: From First Date to Mandate. Premiering on YouTube, Love Gov personifies the increasing folly, cost, and intrusiveness of government in the lives of everyone, especially the young. The 5-part video series depicts the federal government as an overbearing boyfriend—Scott “Gov” Govinsky—who Read more […]

Montana Polygamy and Reason Magazine’s Social Nihilism

Libertarians who act like Montana polygamy is something to celebrate are showing they have an agenda and ideology that goes far beyond their stated political theory. I think people should be free from political coercion to smoke tobacco if they want to do so. I think people should be free to own and possess firearms. That doesn’t mean I would post news of an increase in lung cancer as great news that more people are using their freedom. If there were more guns accidentally fired in homes Read more […]

Reason Magazine Sold Out to Trannies Years Ago

The Editor in Chief of Reason Magazine is pretty upset with conservatives pointing out liberal hypocrisy about transgender. Here’s the thing about gender and race: If anything is a social construction rather than a fact of nature it is race. If you lined up everyone from darkest to lightest, or by some other physical feature, you wouldn’t get all the African Americans on one side and all the Anglo-Saxon on the other. There would be no cutoff point. Race is a fiction as far as biology is concerned. That’s Read more […]

Homosexual Explains Why She Donated to Memories Pizza

Amid the attack on Indiana she clearly explains why all businesses should support Memories Pizza. As I reported two days ago, in “Indiana Pizzeria Gets Support from Everyone!,” a Lesbian who owns a kettle corn stand with her partner sent a donation and well-wishes to Memories Pizza. The pizzeria, as you probably know, is being widely savaged for saying, hypothetically, that they would not cater a homosexual “wedding.” Since every homosexual wedding desperately wants to serve pizza at the Read more […]

We Need to Push Past Labels in Politics

Labels in politics are usually unhelpful or even misleading. The Federalist has published an excellent discussion on the problem with labels: “Libertarian Populism Isn’t Really Libertarian or Populist.” Libertarian populism has lately been generating a great deal of attention on the Right. Many believe it represents a viable reform agenda for the GOP. Dave Brat’s victory over Eric Cantor in June lent credibility to this notion. As the title of libertarian populist Conn Carroll’s Read more […]

We Live In An Anti-Libertarian World

Though I am not a Libertarian, it bothers me to see issues posing as libertarian that are not really libertarian. Since I want people to think more clearly about public policy, I think it is worth addressing the problem. A lot of ink has been spilled (or pixels wasted) on how there is a growing “libertarian movement” in the United States. Pat Buchanan, for example, spoke for many when he claimed that both the legalization of marijuana and the desire to own “assault rifles” with magazines Read more […]

A “Conservative Case” For The Totalitarian Nanny State?

It amazes me that I am hearing this on the RedState website. “The Conservative Case For Universal Coverage.” The person defending this oxymoron is Avik Roy. He wrote an essay of the same title for the Washington Examiner. I don’t buy it. One great point Roy made in his audio interview was that there was no need to destroy everyone’s health insurance just to cover the few people who need help. In fact, in the interview it comes out that Obama and the Democrats are not concerned about Read more […]

Playing Off Libertarians Against Conservatives In The GOP Is Mostly Nonsense

The main reason conservatives don’t have much to fear from libertarians is that most of the real bad damage that libertarians could do were accomplished by Liberals long ago. From no-fault divorce to pornography to the repeal of laws against adultery much of our society is already libertarian in the worst ways. While there are still a few areas where libertarian ideas could make state laws worse, many libertarians are ardently opposed to federal overreach and Big Government. That makes gives Read more […]

Jesus Is Not A Libertarian But A King

I love libertarians. Actually, I love some libertarians. Specifically, I love reading the essays at LewRockwell.com and following their blog. I find some other libertarian groups and think tanks useful on issues, but most of them are essentially “Big Government” Libertarians who are fine foisting homosexual marriage on the country. Furthermore, many of them were silent or complicit in the insane and bankrupting foreign interventionism of the last twelve years or so. But I think I need to Read more […]

No Really, Libertarians: Don’t Be a Brat At DUI Checkpoints

As an addendum to my piece yesterday on Libertarian kids using Libertarianism as an excuse to misbehave, thus doing the cause no favors, I draw your attention to two pictures circulating the social networks that instruct these kids exactly how to misbehave. There are many others like these images; I am using these as representatives of them all. They are here and here. Both images instruct us that the best and wisest thing to do when being stopped by a police officer is to immediately do something Read more […]

Dear Libertarians: When Pulled Over At DUI Checkpoints, Don’t Be a Brat

An article at The Daily Caller alerted me to a video recorded on Independence Day in which a 21-year-old refuses to roll down his window all the way at a DUI checkpoint and causes all kinds of trouble for the police who are just doing their jobs on a night they’d much rather be spending with their families and not having to deal with self-righteous punks. As one who considers himself a conservative libertarian who would like to see the movement catch on, it disturbs me when I see kids using libertarianism Read more […]