Criminal Bankers Are Never Punished, They Just Pay the Cost of Doing Business

This article is about criminal bankers in London. I’ll tell you right now, and very plainly: America’s bankers are every bit as evil—and worse. Also, our government protects those here, just like European governments do over there. From Wall Street Insights & Indictments: “Justice? Not When There’s This Much Money.” Lloyds just paid $350 million fine for its part in manipulating the Libor, the London Interbank Offered Rate, only the most important interest rate on the planet. The Read more […]

Government Arrogance Attempts To Censor Press And Undo The Internet

The manipulation of the LIBOR rate is a huge story that I have yet to fully comprehend. But the UK is taking it seriously enough to investigate the claims and consider prosecution. Since the LIBOR scandal is immensely important to people in finance, naturally the Wall Street Journal has investigated and reported on what is going on for their readers. None of that is surprising. In the course of its investigation, the WSJ found out who is likely to be prosecuted for being a participant in the Read more […]