NC Wants to Punish People for Talking about Food and Health

The North Carolina legislature is about to prohibit us common people from talking about food and health because only doctors can be trusted. You would think, with a presidential candidate using a non-FDA-approved diet, that this kind of thing would go away. Instead, I think we are about to see many attempts to suppress people from taking care of their own health under the color of that euphemism for tyranny—“public health.” Thomas Jefferson had it right: “Was the government to prescribe Read more […]

Teens Work Hard to Serve Customers until Police Stop Them

Police stop youths from offering their snow shoveling services door to door. No they weren’t drug dealers. They weren’t trying to sell marijuana to anyone. They weren’t even selling loose cigarettes. But the police warned them to stop offering services or trying to find customers. From “Bound Brook cops stop teens seeking snow shoveling work.” School was closed for the blizzard that wasn’t, but there was still enough snow on the ground that two Bridgewater-Raritan Read more […]

The Hypocrisy of the War Against the Lemonade Stand

Kudos to the city leadership of Dunedin, Florida for exercising common-sense in regards to a young man’s lemonade stand. And kudos to T.J. Guerrero’s parents for doing an obviously great job of rearing a wise and responsible young man. The Daily Signal reported, “War on Kids: Neighbor Begs Government to Shut Child’s Lemonade Stand.” In a scenario reminiscent of the relationship between fictional characters Dennis the Menace and Mr. Wilson, an older neighbor became increasingly upset Read more […]

Texas Attempts To Destroy People Who Want To Work For A Living

Like most states in our union, the Texas state government makes a point of restraining some people so that others can make more money without working as hard. For example, virtually every state in the union or municipality has laws “licensing” taxis. The rationale for these licenses is to create cartels that are protected from competition and thus made more lucrative. The state always claims these rules are in the public good, when they actually harm the public. In Texas, one such area of Read more […]

Discouraging Divorce This Way Will Only Discourage Marriage!

From the website: “Kids Against Divorce.” Kids Against Divorce wants to do so much more than raise awareness…we want to start making changes for the better. As Steve Jobs said, “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” And so we feel marriage license laws need to be amended such that a marriage license be treated as any other license and held to a minimal level of required education so as to better prepare individuals going into a marriage to Read more […]