“Reverence for Life”? Abortion in the Name of Love?

For Rev. Laura Young, executive director of the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, apparently killing babies is a blessed event. When talking about her stance on abortion, Young said, “There is a reverence for life that happens in this clinic.  And the decision to get an abortion is often a really, really, spiritual decision. Even if someone personally wouldn’t get an abortion, they should at least understand this.” In the name of tolerance and loving your neighbor, Rev. Read more […]

Indian Doctor on Why You Should Still Love America

While the country may disappoint and be headed down the wrong road, it still makes sense to love America. NPR produced an amazing story about a doctor who provides cheap and skilled open heart surgery for poor people: “India’s Philanthropist-Surgeon Delivers Cardiac Care Henry Ford-Style.” With Buddha-like calm, the pediatric cardiac specialist huddles over the spliced-open chest of 6-year-old Nitha Nisar. Peering into the cavity, I see a startlingly large heart, an affliction caused Read more […]

“Why Do You Show Graphic Pictures?”

I hope this doesn’t come across as self-serving, although I don’t apologize if it does.  I just want to share with you a couple of stories from the past couple of weeks. My wife and I love doing street ministry.  In fact, as I heard a friend say the other day, it is much easier to make a Biblical defense for preaching outside of the church than it is for preaching inside one.  My faith is never more alive and vibrant than when we are “earnestly contending for the faith” out where the wild Read more […]

Choice For Its Own Sake Leads To Another Gosnell

Let not Kermit Gosnell be the sole face of the horror that is abortion. Gosnell is one man out of an unknown number in a horde who are, no more and no less, killers of babies born and unborn. A majority of these savages will never face punishment for the crimes against humanity they are guilty of, much less be charged. Gosnell is one exception against whom justice was served. Douglas Karpen will hopefully be the next. No claim can be made that a right-wing conspiracy is in the works against Karpen. Read more […]

The Imitation of Art and Life

Not long after an individual begins to study art and culture, an age-old question comes to mind: Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? Although it is often claimed to be a “rhetorical” question, it does have an answer. In fact, like everything else in this world, the answer that is given to this question ultimately depends on the answer given to another question: Was man created in the image of God, or is he merely the result of time and random happenstance? A wrong answer to this second Read more […]