Minister Jailed for Helping Mother Save Her Daughter

A former lesbian left the United States with her biological daughter because a court had ordered that her former lesbian “partner” be given custody. Doing what any mother would do, she fought the court at every turn, but when it came time to give up her daughter to a woman who engaged in an immoral and destructive lifestyle, Lisa Miller fled the country with the aid of a Christian minister. Caught in the crossfire is Pastor Kenneth Miller, of Stuarts Draft, Va., who “was convicted in a Vermont Read more […]

Ex-Lesbian Mother Charged With Kidnapping Her Own Daughter

Thanks to Vermont’s adamant support for homosexual “civil unions,” Lisa Miller, a former lesbian turned Christian, is being charged with “parental kidnapping” of her own biological daughter. Following court decisions that mandated child visiting rights for Janet Jenkins, Lisa’s former lesbian partner, Lisa and her daughter fled to a Nicaraguan Mennonite community to escape the anti-Christian “justice” system in Vermont. Here’s the background: Lisa Miller and Janet Jenkins Read more […]