A Living Constitution Will Kill Us in the End

There has been a great debate going on for about a century about whether the Constitution was carved in stone or was a “living document.” In 2006, Elliott Minsberg, the vice president of the ultra lefty group “People for the American Way” said, “It was the framers intent that the Constitution would adapt to changing circumstances.” In other words, a living Constitution. Most would be surprised that, in my opinion, the founders (I’m guessing) as well as I would agree with Mr. Ginsberg although Read more […]

Liberals Want a “Living Constitution” to Steal Our Stuff

Liberals love to talk about a Living Constitution. A Living Constitution is a document with flexibility. Liberals want a document they can take an oath to uphold, saying “so help me God,” so they can manipulate to suit their leftist ideals. If they believe the Constitution is living in the sense that it is malleable, then they did not swear falsely. For a liberal, to uphold the Constitution means infusing it with liberal governing principles. I find it the height of hypocrisy that liberals Read more […]