Unfinished Jail Shows Why Local Government Doesn’t Work

If you can’t hold people responsible for the damage they do then local government is a pit of corruption rather than a means of self-government. The bankruptcy of Detroit is already well known, but a recent story demonstrates how much the concept of local government in the nation is a pretense for fraud and corruption. Consider this Fox News headline: “Jailhouse Crock: Unfinished prison costs Detroit area taxpayers $1.2M per month.” A prison in downtown Detroit that was deemed too expensive Read more […]

The Hypocrisy of the War Against the Lemonade Stand

Kudos to the city leadership of Dunedin, Florida for exercising common-sense in regards to a young man’s lemonade stand. And kudos to T.J. Guerrero’s parents for doing an obviously great job of rearing a wise and responsible young man. The Daily Signal reported, “War on Kids: Neighbor Begs Government to Shut Child’s Lemonade Stand.” In a scenario reminiscent of the relationship between fictional characters Dennis the Menace and Mr. Wilson, an older neighbor became increasingly upset Read more […]

Boy Meets Local Control Freaks

Awhile back we posted about two girls who ran a lemonade stand who spoke on a Fox news show about what they thought about the President’s assertion, “You didn’t build that.” Leftist critics were pretty angry about young people being asked about national politics. But for any child who wants to do anything real, it seems like he gets a pretty quick introduction to the pettiness of local politics. It doesn’t seem much better. Consider the case of nine-year-old Spencer Collins of Leawood, Read more […]

The Biblical Rules on Restitution Compared to the Modern Destroyer-State

From the Campaign for Liberty: A widow owed her county $6.30 in property taxes and unpaid interest. When she didn’t pay- she claims she wasn’t aware of the outstanding bill- the county decided to seize her home and sell it at auction to pay the bill. From My Fox NY: A widow was given ample notice before her $280,000 house was sold at a tax auction three years ago over $6.30 in unpaid interest, a Pennsylvania judge has ruled. The decision last week turned down Eileen Battisti’s request to Read more […]

“Pretended Legislation” Must Get No Rubber Stamp

The United States of America began when moral, God-fearing men realized and acted on the realization that legislation put forth by Parliament and King George, III, was not, in fact, legal.   The Stamp Act, the Townshend Acts, the Intolerable Acts, and other measures did not meet the standard required to make them “lawful.”  Because of this, the authors of our Declaration of Independence labeled these measures as “pretended legislation.” Our colonial legislatures then interposed Read more […]

The Constitution Is Not a Self-Enforcing Document

The Constitution is not a self-enforcing document. Although the Constitution is the supreme law of our land and provides limits on the powers and authorities of our federal, state and local governments, its words cannot and will not leap off the page and enforce themselves. The common folk of America must be the champions of their own liberty. The people of America, if they would choose to enjoy the Blessings of Liberty, must first choose to study, understand, and then apply the principles Read more […]

Protestors Object To Militarization Of Police

While I’ve been disappointed with small-town acquiescence, Intellihub reports a promising sign in a larger metro center, Oakland, California: This week there is a large scale police militarization drill being held in Oakland, with police and first responders from all over the country participating.  This program has over 50 separate training scenarios that will take place in and around the Oakland area. Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. J.D. Nelson told CBS News that police militarization is just a Read more […]

Gun Ban Proposal Overturned In Massachusetts Town

There’s a town in Massachusetts that thought that the state hasn’t gone far enough in its gun restrictions. Actually, it wasn’t the town. It was a town selectman named Robert Jeffries. He’s the Vice Chairman of the Board of Selectmen. The state of Massachusetts already bans “assault weapons,” but they allow those that were already owned before the law’s effective date. Jeffries proposed a complete ban of “assault weapons” in his town of Westford, hoping that other cities and eventually Read more […]

Since When are We the United State of America?

The original plan for this country was a federal, not Federalist, plan. It emphasized local government as the most important government for the individual. That plan took a slight detour with the Declaration and the Constitution, both of which included populist language (as if the national government could or should interface directly with “the people”), but, in effect, civil government even then was generally decentralized—local. What did this mean? It meant you were free. If local officials Read more […]