A Fine Proposal

I have a wonderful idea. Let’s abolish all fines paid to the civil government for traffic violations. Every one of them. Speeding tickets, parking tickets, DUIs. You name it. I want them all abolished. Why? Because they are illogical, ineffective, and immoral. Why are they illogical? For one, why should you pay the civil government money for breaking a law. This makes no sense. If I have damaged someone’s life or property, by all means the civil government should require me to pay for what Read more […]

Brother, Can You Spare A Drone?

So Homeland Security has been “quietly” loaning drones to local law enforcement. This reminds me of that great milestone in Homeland Security we now recognize by the place name, “Waco.” BATFE (before they added the E) and the FBI had a major standoff owing to the fact that the BATFE wanted to turn allegations about weapons laws violations into a major raid for the sake of PR. Naturally, since they wanted to raid the compound rather than simply arrest David Koresh on his own, they tried to Read more […]