Security Saves Passengers from Alyssa Milano Breast Milk

Alyssa Milano pumped her breast milk on the plane, but was still forced to dump it by airport security heroes. If you wondered if other countries have the same unionized, Keystone-Cop-level, airport security that we suffer under, here is a piece of evidence that looks rather negative for international liberty. Or international common sense. Alyssa Milano has a baby that she is breastfeeding. So, when she is apart from her child, she pumps so that there is breast milk available to the baby Read more […]

Two Rugby-Loving Dudes Take Gay Marriage To Its Logical Conclusion

Yep. Two self-identified “heterosexual” guys from Otago on New Zealand’s South Island got married so they could go on an all-expenses-paid trip to next year’s Rugby World Cup in London. I was going to call this post “Two Rugby-Loving Dudes Make A Mockery of the Mockery That Is Gay Marriage”, but I decided to wait until after you’d clicked to annoy you. Look at these guys’ sweet beards, by the way. Otago is the same place I wrote about last year, where professional rugby players grew out Read more […]

Criminal Bankers Are Never Punished, They Just Pay the Cost of Doing Business

This article is about criminal bankers in London. I’ll tell you right now, and very plainly: America’s bankers are every bit as evil—and worse. Also, our government protects those here, just like European governments do over there. From Wall Street Insights & Indictments: “Justice? Not When There’s This Much Money.” Lloyds just paid $350 million fine for its part in manipulating the Libor, the London Interbank Offered Rate, only the most important interest rate on the planet. The Read more […]

The Rise of the Taliban in London

A group known as Islam4UK has recently appointed itself judge and jury of the streets of London. In their efforts to “make a real change to the area,” they have targeted pimps, prostitutes, and pornographic ads as things to eradicate around town, in obedience to Muslim Shariah law. In fact, this is what motivates their entire effort, not necessarily cleaning up the streets of London. Although their seeming concern about rampant crime around town in laudable, the real concern should be that Muslims Read more […]

An Olympic Entitlement Mentality

The London Olympic Games promised to be epic, but Londoners and spectators are less than impressed. While fans and family members of athletes are getting increasingly frustrated by being refused tickets to Olympic events, local London businesses are not getting the expected boost in sales they were anticipating. Many merchants and owners are saying their sales are down 30-35%. Hotels have been hit especially hard, many not seeing the “filled to capacity” they were promised by Olympic and government Read more […]