Town Destroys Vet’s Home while He Is Recovering from Surgery

Local government is supposed to provide you with services.  One of the main services, supposedly, is protection from robbery or destruction of property. This includes protection from mob violence. We are told that the government keeps a person safe from the crimes his neighbors might commit against him if they were angry with him for some reason. But there is evidence that sometimes it works exactly the opposite way. Rather than providing protection from the mob, sometimes the government enables Read more […]

Arrested Tea Party “Terrorist” Vindicated in Court

A woman arrested and abused for being Tea Party wins her lawsuit! Sometimes a bad story about our government and so-called “law enforcement” ends well! It ends even better when the mainstream media (in this case, the Associated Press) carries the story. It all began back in July 2009 in Westhampton Beach on eastern Long Island.  Nancy Genovese went to Gabreski Airport Air National Guard base. Outside the base was a helicopter on display. She wanted to take pictures of it for a “Support Read more […]