High School Grad Defies Atheists, Recites Lord’s Prayer

It wasn’t the Declaration of Independence. It wasn’t the bombing of Berlin. But as smackdowns go, a South Carolina high school valedictorian’s standoff against the Pickens County School District and a bunch of trucked-in atheists was pretty memorable. As an honors student, Roy Costner IV of Liberty High School is used to all sorts of awards and accolades. But the best one he ever got was the one he received Saturday from the audience at Liberty’s graduation: a standing ovation after he tore up Read more […]

The Secularization of Christianity?

In what can only be described as “completely uninformed,” a recent article submitted by Blair Scott of the American Atheists attempts to define its strategy and rationale for fighting the “secularization of Christianity.” If that phrase tripped you up, you are not alone. I had to read it twice to make sure I read it correctly. The author of the piece is not only a poor communicator, he is totally mistaken about what he is saying and the very terms he is using. One would tend to think that Read more […]