Islamic Propaganda: Fighting “Hate and Bigotry”… with Lies

Interesting Morocco World  News headline: “Central Florida Launches Billboards to ‘Dispel Myths and Fear About Islam’” An initiative has been launched in the cities of Tampa and Orlando in Central Florida where billboards have been placed on key highways displaying information about Islam. The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is the organization in charge of posting these educational billboards that aim to “dispel myths and fear about Islam during this challenging time,” the ICNA Read more […]

Loretta Lynch and Terrorist Money Launderers

Since we’ve had reason to write about the strange priorities of Loretta Lynch, worrying more about possible future anti-Muslim rhetoric than actual people being killed, perhaps it would be helpful to remember her past record. Before she was U.S. Attorney General, she had a case that related to terrorism. According to The P.C. Graveyard, “Loretta Lynch Lets Bank Execs Escape Jail for Money Laundering for Terrorists.” When Loretta Lynch was a US Attorney General for the Eastern District of New Read more […]

The Attorney General ‘Recalibrates,’ but Not Enough

Here is the headline at Politico: “Lynch recalibrates message on hateful speech.” Attorney General Loretta Lynch Monday appeared to recalibrate remarks she made last week that suggested the Justice Department could investigate speech deemed hostile towards Muslims. “Of course, we prosecute deeds and not words,” she said at a press conference Monday to announce an unrelated civil rights investigation into the Chicago Police Department. Of course it should be that way if American law still holds Read more […]

What Is the “Greatest Fear” of the Attorney General?

After the President’s wishful thinking about “workplace violence” (in stark contrast to the Liberal response to the shooting at a Colorado Planned Parenthood” clinic), the government has admitted that the San Bernardino shooting was an act of terrorism. It is no surprise that the Attorney General of the United States is especially worried about violence. What is surprising is what Loretta Lynch said, the day after the San Bernardino shooting, is her “greatest fear.” She was asked about anti-Muslim Read more […]

When Republicans Play Hardball; Democrats Get Outraged

The White House is calling it “unconscionable,” but moral condemnation comes when Republicans play hardball. Voters elected a huge number of Republicans for a reason, and it wasn’t to see peaceful cooperation between Republicans and Democrats in Congress. They wanted the Obama Administration stopped. This is not easy—and not just because the Republicans don’t seem to even want to do their jobs. Barack Obama doesn’t have to worry about winning another election. And he doesn’t Read more […]