Planned Parenthood Thinks Very Highly of Itself

Right at the start, there are two things wrong with this situation.  I am sure there are more, but we will just consider the two for the sake of time. First, there is this statement as written by Kevin McGill for “Planned Parenthood had challenged the state’s right to end the funding for cancer screenings, gynecology exams and other health services.” Mr. McGill wrote a fine sentence, it is the content of it that is the problem.  Why does Planned Parenthood get to challenge the state’s Read more […]

Another “What First Amendment” Moment: Judge Censors Newspaper Website

Isn’t the First Amendment supposed to prohibit the government from censoring the press? Only a few days ago I posted about police actions that seemed to indicate they had no idea that there was a First Amendment attached to the Constitution. Now we get this story from KATC: “Daily Iberian ordered to remove comment from website after local lawyer sues paper.” A district judge in New Iberia has ordered The Daily Iberian to remove an anonymous comment on its website that targeted local attorney Read more […]

Federal Hypocrites Threaten Alabama for Defunding Planned Parenthood

Defunding Planned Parenthood removes options from consumers and is thus forbidden say the people who promised we could keep our doctors. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. People who lie for and steal for (taxes) an organization that devours infants for their spare parts are not going to be ashamed to commit a bit of bold-faced hypocrisy. Such people are quite shameless. How could they not be? But the excuse they are giving to claim that Alabama can be prosecuted for defunding Planned Parenthood Read more […]

Another Cut into Planned Parenthood: No More Alabama Medicaid

The Planned Parenthood contract with Alabama Medicaid has been terminated. Alabama is the third state to de-fund Planned Parenthood. The first was Louisiana under the leadership of Bobby Jindal. The next was New Hampshire. Now, according to Yellow Hammer News, Governor Robert Bentley has made a move. “The deplorable practices at Planned Parenthood have been exposed to Americans, and I have decided to stop any association with the organization in Alabama,” said Governor Bentley. “As a doctor Read more […]

The Deep South Is Free of Democrat Senators!

No Democrat Senators are left in an entire region of the country! You already know that the Democrats have lost big, and you probably have heard that their defeat just grew by one more Senator over the weekend. But you may not realize the full massive extent of their loss in the Senate. I love the way that ABC News expressed the significance of the Democrats’ loss: “Landrieu Loses LA Senate Race to GOP Rep. Cassidy.” The final outstanding Senate race of 2014 was decided Saturday Read more […]

White House Won’t Reveal 2015 Obamacare Rates Until After Elections

Most transparent Administration in history won’t let reveal 2015 Obamacare rates until after voting in November. Just how bad will the health insurance rates get in 2015? So bad that the Obama Administration is not going to tell you until November 15. The Washington Times reports, “Obamacare website won’t reveal insurance costs for 2015 until after election.” Enrollment on the website begins Nov. 15, or 11 days after the midterm vote, and critics who Read more […]

Hurricane Katrina and the Question of God’s Judgment

Do you remember the debates about whether the Katrina disaster was a judgment on New Orleans? Some on the religious right blamed the carnage on a scheduled gay rights parade. The left invoked an angry Gaia and her retributive global warming. But what if this was a judgment on something other than gays and internal combustion engines? What if it were a judgment on political corruption? Maybe it is in the very nature of reality that Providence, the normal processes and regularities of the natural Read more […]

Another VA Whistleblower: Under Investigation for Claiming Hospital Uses Off-the-Record Lists

Obama promised that whistleblowers would get special care and protection from his administration. We now see a conflict developing between Shea Wilkes and Overton-Brooks VA Medical Center in Shreveport, Louisiana, in which Wilkes is facing hostility for being a whistleblower. How soon will the Obama Administration intervene and protect Wilkes? I’m not holding my breath either. (But it is good to see that we are getting constant reminders about this scandal.) Wilkes is claiming that, just Read more […]

Why Ani DiFranco? When Liberals Can’t Bully Conservatives They Turn On Each Other

Ani DiFranco has “stepped in it.” As Huffington Post reports, The year isn’t closing out smoothly for Ani DiFranco. Not only did the feminist icon incite significant public outcry for spearheading a songwriting retreat on a former slave plantation, the apology she issued this morning isn’t going over well. DiFranco has cancelled the retreat, and said she did not learn about the location’s history until after it had been arranged. Writing in her literally anti-capitalist way she explained. later, Read more […]

Chuck Hagel’s Dictatorship Defied: 6 States Refuse To Submit National Guard To Federal Pansex Regime

Chuck Hagel has accused six states of violating Federal law and spreading prejudice. The “Federal law” is his own made-up belief in his own made-up authority to impose his made-up definition of marriage on states that don’t believe in his authority to overturn their state laws. The “prejudice” is an insane thought control campaign where the US government is demanding that all Christians spit on the authority of King Jesus and the Bible, and pretend that men and women are interchangeable Read more […]

Another Black Man Leaves The Democratic Party To Join the GOP

This is completely against the rules. If you’re black, you’d better vote Democrat, and if you’re a black politician, you’d better be a Democrat. In fact, you’re not a real person of color unless you swear your allegiance to the Democratic party. Not playing by that rule makes you some kind of racist. Probably the only kind of black racist that black and white liberals believe in. Late last week, Louisiana Democrat and State Senator Elbert Guillory announced that he was leaving the dark Read more […]