More Information Doesn’t Matter (So Liberals Don’t Care If Global Warming Skeptics Have Done More Research)

Here is a pretty amazing essay, not because it is surprising, but because it is about an experiment that tested what we all probably expect: people don’t usually change their minds on ideological issues based on evidence. In “How politics makes us stupid,” Ezra Klein writes of a test that asked questions about how to interpret the results of experiments. The test asked a question about a skin cream experiment. Those who tested better at math skills were better able to correctly interpret the Read more […]

Bring Back The Poll Tax—With A Twist

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who is a slightly more feminine version of Rachel Maddow, agrees with numerous articles at liberal outlets (The Washington Post, New York Magazine, Slate, etc.) that blame the current gridlock in Washington on American’s Constitution. It’s the Constitution’s fault, they say, because no single branch of government has greater power than another, and therefore the Democrat-run Senate can’t simply do whatever it wants. The Constitution set up a system of checks and balances to Read more […]

Low Information Voter Calls Sean Hannity

I was sitting in my car eating some dark chocolate ice cream with two scoops of roasted almonds mixed in from Cold Stone Creamery listening to the Sean Hannity Show when I heard a Low Information Voter call in. A woman from Atlanta told Hannity that ObamaCare was working, and she had proof. It was downhill from there. Her evidence was anecdotal. She had pulled the Hasty Generalization Fallacy card: “This fallacy is committed when a person draws a conclusion about a group based on a sample that Read more […]

‘I Just Voted for Obama Because He’s Black’

Jimmy Kimmel did some on-the-street interviews on Hollywood Blvd. with people about the “Sequester.” These aren’t low-information voters; they are no-information voters. They are clueless. They vote in terms of race, feelings, and what other people are telling them. Actually, it’s worse. The most frightening part of what you’ll see in this three-minute video is how they go on even after admitting that they don’t know anything about what the Sequester is. One day these people Read more […]

The Problem is Most Americans Still Believe It’s All Bush’s Fault

Most Americans do not like most of the policies of President Obama. If this is the case, then why do they still support him? Because a majority of people still blame George Bush for the state of the economy, and the President, even with all his faults, has their best interests at heart. The seeds of the economic crisis that hit in 2008 were sown long before the two Bush presidents. Today’s voters are schizophrenic. There’s a reason for it, as I hope to show below. Rush Limbaugh said the Read more […]