George Will Explains Barack Obama’s Toxic Trickledown Economics

George Will’s column on Obama’s recent interview with Chris Matthews is good in all kinds of ways, but I think his remarks about Obama’s trickledown economics are especially important for people to grasp. I’ve been trying to explain how the economy works (to exploit the poor and middle class) for awhile now. Will summarizes one essential feature of it in way that is easy to understand. Obama’s speech denounced “trickle-down ideology” and deplored growth that “has flowed to a fortunate Read more […]

Small Town America Dying From Recessions, Heroin, Depopulation; But Media Not Curious About Causes

The headline looks like it is ready to go all Marxist on the readers: “Reinventing the Dwindling Middle Class May Take A Revolution.” But the content of the radio news report didn’t match it. It was just sad story about a journalist returning to her hometown of Lincoln, Illinois and noticing the changes. It turns out that what’s happening in Lincoln is happening in so many towns and communities across the country: As we recover from the Great Recession, jobs are coming back. But they are not Read more […]

Implosion Architect Greenspan Blames Us for Being Irrational

The Wall Street Journal has given former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan a careful platform so he can justify himself. The most nauseating thing about this “interview” is it gives us few direct quotations. It mostly summarizes points. Obviously, this is simply the defense that he wishes public to swallow about himself and that the “reporter” Alexandra Wolfe dutifully produced, no doubt allowing him to edit and “correct” the final draft. If we were given a transcript or (better) Read more […]

Will Human Labor Make San Francisco Turn to Robots?

It makes economic sense to do so, unless interest rates go up. It may not make political sense. If people find it easy to finance construction projects then it will look more and more attractive to invest in automating the Bay Area Rapid Transport system (BART) as opposed to dealing with labor strikes. This is considered by a TechCrunch post: For the past week, the entire San Francisco Bay Area has been on the brink of a full-fledged train strike. The unpredictable negotiations have left commuters Read more […]