Confirmed: War against Ridesharing is War against Poor

Ridesharing is half as expensive and twice as fast. So politicians want to steal it from us. The study was paid for by Uber, so there will be plenty of denials. But the test looks valid to me: The design could hardly have been simpler; we sent pairs of riders to call for taxi service or use an app to summon UberX for travel along pre-planned routes. The riders recorded how long it took – starting from the moment of picking up the phone or opening the app – before they were actually in a car Read more […]

Just Say No to the Taxi Bailout

A New York City monopolist wants a taxi bailout because he is too big to fail. The great news here is that innovative technology led to legal loopholes that, for the first time in ages, brought competition to the taxi monopoly. As a result, we are about to see our first major failure of the old business. Thus, the New York Times reports, A medallion’s value is determined by the expectation of future taxi revenue. The real income generated by medallions is affected by competition from Uber, Read more […]

The Attack on Ridesharing Doesn’t Go Anywhere

Why the attack on ridesharing? Taxi Cab companies are corrupt monopolies that benefit a few in city government and a few who can pay off the city government and are putting transportation out of reach of the poor. So they attack competition. Naturally, a source of corrupt money attracts defenders. So we get this editorial in the Washington Post: “Who will win the ridesharing war? Probably not consumers?” Up until internet based ridesharing was started up, taxi cab companies had government-enforced Read more […]