More, Who Can Afford To, Are Leaving Public School

New Report Says a Majority of Public School Students Are Poor. Why Else Would They Be There? I’m not sure I understand why anyone would be surprised at the news reported by Bloomberg: “Majority of U.S. Public-School Children Are Living in Poverty.” A majority of U.S. public-school children are living in poverty for the first time in half a century. Fifty-one percent of public-school students qualified for free or reduced-price lunch in 2013, the Southern Education Foundation said in Read more […]

The War On Poverty Was Successful In Making More Poverty To Justify Expanding Government

Yesterday, the Washington Post’s blog, The Fix, posted typical regime propaganda about LBJ and his 1964 State of the Union address in which he declared “War on Poverty.” It posted a snip of the speech. But only a snip. Here is a part of the speech that was left out: Very often a lack of jobs and money is not the cause of poverty, but the symptom. The cause may lie deeper – in our failure to give our fellow citizens a fair chance to develop their own capacities, in a lack of education Read more […]

What? LBJ A Criminal? How Shocking!

I have no idea if Lyndon B. Johnson had a hand in the public execution of John F. Kennedy. The list of suspects is so long I don’t see how anyone would figure it out. I am pleasantly surprised that Fox News gave TV coverage to a book fingering LBJ as the main perpetrator. Even if the thesis is wrong, it will at least provide readers with more reason to doubt the official lone gunman theory—which richly deserves doubt. But what I do find grotesque is the response the Fox & Friends host Read more […]