Knives Don’t Kill; People Kill!

While the news seems like it must be satire, the British police really are offering amnesty for people who turn in their knives. Only two days ago I wrote about a vicious attack on an unarmed young man by a group of four with a machete. I argued that since laws against carrying guns meant that people could be attacked by long knives, like a machete, that such laws naturally demanded another set of laws banning knives. Then yesterday I saw this story at Countercurrent News: “British Police Read more […]

One Victim with No Handgun against Four Attackers with a Machete

Four Attackers and not one of them is in the hospital or the morgue with a gunshot wound! But the victim will probably have a hand amputated. The Blaze reports on what should be called “a Michael Bloomberg dream scenario”: “18-Year-Old Bicycle Rider in Critical Condition with Skull Fracture, May Lose Hand After Late-Night Machete Attack.” An 18-year-old bicycle rider was in critical condition and may lose a hand after four men used a machete to attack him in the street early Sunday, Los Read more […]

Gun Free Zone – Man Robs Restaurant with Machete in New York, not Texas

Many people have noticed that gun free zones are invitations to shooters. In some states we see that they are invitations to machete-wielders. I am not saying that we would never see a story about a machete-armed robber in a state that didn’t subvert the Second Amendment. We might. But it wouldn’t be likely and, when it did happen, it would be a humorous anecdote. So for example Dave Jolly’s post about an attempted robbery in Florida: “Robber Had Cattle Prod. Store Clerk Had Gun. Who Read more […]