American Stupidity Is Escapism & Wishful Thinking, Not Lack of Intelligence

It is escapism and wishful thinking that gives us self-destructive policies like Obamacare. Jonathan Gruber never really fooled anyone. One of the great mysteries and evils of the human condition is the reality of self-deception. People of perfectly adequate (or better) intelligence will commit themselves to delusions that they find comforting. People are constantly tempted to believe that their lives can become magically better if only the right magician will use the right spell. Jonathan Read more […]

Journalist Virginia Heffernan Admits She’s a Creationist and Drives Evolutionists Crazy

In the midst of the George Zimmerman “not guilty” verdict, rioting, beatings, threats of violence, calls for “checking your white privilege,” and demands that we “give money to the Dream Defenders, to the Urban League, to the Southern Poverty Law Center … because racism is a natural disaster just like hurricanes and bombings and shootings are,” there’s a story going around about  journalist Virginia Heffernan who admits she’s a creationist. The liberal disdain for Virginia Heffernan Read more […]

Magicians ‘Penn & Teller’ Are Atheistic Frauds

Last night I saw Penn & Teller do their magic show. It was lots of fun. In addition to their stage ‘magic,’ they are also known for exposing quacks, frauds, and claims of the supernatural. In addition, they are big believers in doing the moral thing. That’s what Penn says since Teller doesn’t say much of anything. They are libertarians and atheists. According to an article in Wired magazine,1 Penn Read more […]Geoffrey Gagnon, “Faces of the New Atheism: The Illusionists,” Wired (November 2006). [↩]