Of Course, Black People Should Shoot Back!

Mashable treats a hashtag campaign to get black people to arm themselves as if it is controversial. I guess this story is a sign of progress. But it contains such stupidity that it is hard to feel good about it. The article was posted at Mashable.com under the headline, “#WeWillShootBack wants black people to arm themselves in self-defense.” If you’re afraid for your life, American citizens are told, call the police. But Taurean Brown, the black man who popularized the hashtag #WeWillShootBack Read more […]

The Civil Slavery of Black Americans

There is no doubt that race relations in America are strained between black and white people (especially in the South). There are many racial prejudices and stereotypes that, at least in a general way, seem to correlate to experience. For instance, many white Americans (even ones who claim to be the stoutest supporters of racial equality) view black people as generally inferior in culture, language, heritage, wealth, family life, education, etc. There are reasons why these generalities exist. Getting Read more […]

Blacks as ‘Chumps’: Words from Malcolm X

When I was a student at Western Michigan University in the late 1960s, every freshman had to take a reading class. Each week we read one book. Each week we were tested on that one book. There were no classes. Read a book . . . take a test. That’s my kind of education. I had a writing class that was similar. Write a paper. Slip it under the professor’s door on Tuesday. Meet with him personally on Thursday. I remember three books from the reading class: E.M. Forster’s A Passage to India, Claude Read more […]