Are Republican Voters “Crazies”?

President Barack Obama is happy to call the people who swept the Democrats out of the Senate and the House “the crazies.” The Hill reports on a new level of arrogance and casual disrespect from our President: “President Obama has a new term for opponents: ‘The crazies'” President Obama has a new term to describe his opponents: “The crazies.” On his first day back from vacation, the president hit the road to attend a clean energy summit in Las Vegas hosted by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid Read more […]

War on Terror Blackmail Used to Push Us into Granting Illegals Citizenship

I am willing to hear arguments for young dependents from other countries being granted refugee status and being raised here to become citizens, but instead we get war on terror blackmail. Can we please stop using stupid nonsense in our political speeches? From the Daily Caller, Democratic State Representative and candidate for U.S. representative Pat Murphy said Tuesday that if the underage migrants who have come to the U.S. from Central America aren’t given a “pathway for citizenship” Read more […]

Why You Should Learn What is Wrong with the GDP Measure

Most of us run down a road paved by others, not realizing it’s not the only possible path—and, in fact, that it may be a path for the road-designers to achieve their goals, while preventing you from ever reaching yours. This is a wonderfully educational and reasonably brief look at the history of “GDP” (Gross Domestic Product) and its roots in a terrible set of economic theories that justify government intervention in the economy—a top-down, elite-driven (and elite-benefiting!) system designed Read more […]

Big Brother is Watching What You Eat… And Encouraging You Through a Talking Grocery Cart?

With the claimed interest in making sure we eat allegedly “sustainable” food, you would think that these food dictators would want to make sure that they used economical means to promote good food. But you would be wrong if you thought that. Instead, our food masters want to make us vegetarians through extravagant technological innovations. The concept is bizarre since it is being widely acknowledged that people resent and resist attempts to dictate to them what they should eat. Even children Read more […]

Education v. Fear: Another Popular Strategy For Attacking Our 2nd Amendment Rights

I have written about how liberals ignore crime and safety facts to promote gun control. Now I want to tackle the way they frame the issue.   Gun Education You don’t have to be a gun-smith or a military expert to have an education on firearms.  One of the reasons why the military, police, deputies and firearm advocates will dismiss any argument from the Left that starts with “Assault Rifle” is because they have a factual working knowledge of the firearms that are being discussed.  If you Read more […]

Science By Consensus Means Politically Manufactured Science: EPA Ignores Inconvenient Scientists

Supposedly, the EPA follows the scientific consensus. But, of course, once the EPA has adopted an agenda, the chances they will change or reverse their policies because of mere scientists are pretty low. Like the CDC, the EPA effectively claims to be The Voice Of Science. They don’t just dictate to us what science demands, they also dictate policy and conclusions to scientists. Right now, the EPA is moving to unilaterally mandate lower carbon emissions, despite the fact that the technology for Read more […]

Left Wants Show Contest For Hillary In Democrat Primary

The Hill reports: Liberal leaders want Hillary Clinton to face a primary challenge in 2016 if she decides to run for president. The goal of such a challenge wouldn’t necessarily be to defeat Clinton. It would be to prevent her from moving to the middle during the Democratic primary…  It’s been more than five years since then-Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) stunned Clinton in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary. At the time, segments of the left lambasted her support of the Iraq war. Now, Read more […]