The Opiate of the Homeless: Free Marijuana Samples

Every industry has an organization that promotes its product, from Florida oranges to beef. Typically, these are organized as non-profits that promote the benefits of the product as a public service. While the people in the industry do usually believe  that their product is beneficial, the fact remains that these non-profits exist to do well by “doing good.” With that in mind, consider this story from the Washington Times: “Charity gives free marijuana joints to homeless in Denver on Christmas Read more […]

Medical Marijuana is Protected from the Department of Justice

The fight over legalizing marijuana has been long.  From the early days, marijuana used for medical treatment has been considered differently than that which is used recreationally.  As early as 1996, California approved marijuana for medical use, and, today there are 16 states total that have legalized the drug for medical use.  And now, nearly 20 years later, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington have some sort of legalized marijuana for recreational use as well. On Monday, October 19, Read more […]

Cops: Our Right to Privacy Violated because We Failed to Disable Cameras before Breaking the Law

Police are claiming that footage of them using marijuana is a violation of their right to privacy. Back in June Mark wrote about a raid of a marijuana dispensary. The first thing the police did after clearing out everyone else is disconnect all the security cameras. But they missed a couple. The next thing that happened is that they appeared to be eating food they found on the site. The dispensary sold marijuana edibles. It appeared that the police were getting high on the substances that were Read more […]

Colorado Supreme Court Makes Wrong Decision on Marijuana

The Colorado Supreme Court affirms freedom for businesses, but only under Government Control. I don’t know that I agree with the way Dish Network treated their former employee Brandon Coats. In fact, it seems kind of cruel to me, if it is true that Coats had a real medical need. According to the Denver Post, Coats became quadriplegic in a car accident and used marijuana to control leg spasms. He had a medical marijuana card and consumed pot off-duty. He was fired in 2010 after failing a random Read more […]

Police Disabled Cameras on the Raided Property? Why?

Once the police disabled cameras in a marijuana dispensary, they appeared to consume the prohibited merchandise. As NSA apologists are wont to say… “Gee, if you’re not doing anything wrong, why should you care if they’re watching you, and reading your email? And so I say: “Gee, if the officers aren’t planning to commit crimes, why would you take down all of the surveillance cameras (that you can find, anyway!)?” There is no legitimate reason for officers to ever—ever!—take down surveillance Read more […]

Marijuana Raid Lets Cops Munch on Marijuana Edibles?

Should a marijuana raid be a party? The Orange County Weekly has posted three videos along with a report. The videos seems to show cops who raided a marijuana dispensary eating some of the treats that are dispensed there, getting rather relaxed, playing darts, and sitting around telling jokes. It is possible that they just happened to bring snacks with them to the raid and just felt relaxed that day, but it certainly appears that they are getting a bit stoned. The footage was obtained because Read more […]

Jury Banned from Hearing Why Defendants Are on Trial

A judge decreed defense lawyers may not say that defendants are on trial because they obeyed state law to deal with sickness. Trial by jury and the First Amendment are both waved about as symbols of American greatness and superiority. But whenever something arises that is important to the government, the actual practice of those things gets evaded. I posted recently about a prosecutor attempting to have a judge censor a defendant at his trial, but in that case the judge did the right thing. The Read more […]

Welfare and Drugs Should Never Mix

The Colorado legislature must separate welfare and drugs or welfare will be nothing but a prison for the poor. Giving someone heroine in order to create dependence is considered a disgusting crime. Marijuana is not on the same order of magnitude, but encouraging marijuana use could lead to a similar outcome. Which is why the Colorado legislature must separate drug use from welfare checks. The Daily Caller reports, “Colorado Legislators Try To Stop Welfare Recipients Using Benefits For Read more […]

Colorado, Pot, Guns – Drug Defeat or Second Amendment Victory?

What do Colorado, pot, guns have to do with one another? Many Conservatives believe in marijuana prohibition. So they might see this news from as another sad defeat for Conservative culture. Two Colorado firearms instructors are planning a ballot initiative in their state to help smash a huge violation of citizens’ rights: that marijuana smokers, according to the federal government, are not allowed to own guns. The 1968 Gun Control Act declared in section 922(g) that unlawful users Read more […]

Mother Facing Prison for Caring for Sick Son

This story about a mother facing prison shows that state law enforcement officials are torturers. Minnesota has voted to legalize medical marijuana. The law will probably be abused by some who really just want to get high. It will probably open up new avenues for getting the drug for recreational purposes. But the evidence seems overwhelming that, for some, marijuana is the perfect medicine. This shouldn’t surprise us. Most dangerous drugs have or had medicinal uses. Some are obviously helpful Read more […]

Cancer Patients Prosecuted for Marijuana because… Butter

A state with legalized medical marijuana prosecutes cancer patients for consuming it in butter instead of smoking. A former sheriff of Kent County Michigan suffered a “sudden death” Sunday. As far as I can tell from the story and the linked articles, “sudden death” is a euphemism for suicide. The attorney for a former Kent County sheriff’s sergeant facing drug charges called the man’s sudden death Sunday “tragic” after more than two decades of faithful law enforcement service in Read more […]

Override DC’s Election? Is a House Republican Stoned?

The headline from Rare.US says it all: “House Republican vows to block D.C. weed legalization.” I realize that many Republicans have no problem empowering the government to “keep us safe” from our own choices. But it is an entirely different thing when they disregard a legal and local election and overturn the results. Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) isn’t happy about Washington, D.C.’s decision to fully legalize marijuana Tuesday and has vowed to block that referendum from becoming Read more […]