School’s Zero Tolerance Policy Treats Words as Drugs

A student was foolish enough to 1) use drugs, 2) write about it in personal journal, and 3) lose the journal at her school. As a result, the school authorities got hold of her personal notebook. The school then, 1) punished the student as if she had been caught with drugs, and 2) refused to allow her father to see or read the journal because “as evidence” they claimed it was now their exclusive private property. Tim Cushing recounts the story at the TechDirt blog. Yes, the school Read more […]

Are Employers Permitted to Fire Stoned Employees?

Can businesses fire stoned employees? As Ayn Rand once said, the question is not, “Who is going to let me?”; it’s “Who is going to stop me?” But strangely someone or something seems to be stopping employers as far as CNBC is concerned. “Stoners on the job: Nearly 10% of Americans went to work high.” A new report has found nearly 1 in 10 Americans are showing up to work high on marijuana. conducted the survey in partnership with SurveyMonkey, and found Read more […]

Colorado Introduces State Drugging of the Poor without Even Trying

When Colorado legalized marijuana, the idea was to give people freedom and let them make their own choices. But sometimes rhetoric and reality are two different things. The problem is that we are not a free country; we are a welfare state. We live in a society where people are not free, but rather obligated to pay for other people’s lives. In that context, it is pretty obvious that legalizing marijuana could easily lead to the same outcome. Thus, the National Review reports, For the past Read more […]

So Is It Illegal Now to Discriminate Against Pot Smokers?

This story is supposedly a “happy ending.” NBC reports, “‘Firing’ Over Legal Marijuana Called Mistake, Man Gets His Job Back.” This pot controversy went up in smoke. A Washington state man who was the first person in Spokane to buy legal recreational marijuana this week, and then said he was fired over the resulting media coverage, got his job back Thursday and the company in question called the whole affair a misunderstanding. Michael Boyer, 30, said he was ordered to take a drug Read more […]

Los Angeles Holds Its First Pot Farmers Market

If you were in Los Angeles this past weekend, that cloud of smoke hanging over the California Heritage Market wasn’t a fire, it was just advertising for the county’s first pot farmers market. Thousands of people followed the Doritos deliveryman to the three-day event, where “patients” were able to buy their “medicinal” hash directly from licensed growers. Wink, wink. In between the uncontrollable giggling, customers to the market were able to visit booths that looked like typical vegetable Read more […]

Berkeley Pilots Brilliant Method for Building Permanent Caste System: Pot for the Poor

Berkeley, California, has, I think, revealed where the current wave of pot legalization is headed. I have to say, I’m impressed with the diabolical snare they have invented in order to maintain a caste system and ensure that the poor and homeless remain content with their lot in life. The last thing we want, as I write during this July 4th weekend, are poor people getting ambitious! According to the San Francisco CBS affiliate: The city of Berkeley will require medical marijuana dispensaries Read more […]

In Colorado People Use Welfare To Buy Pot

From the Daily Caller: Welfare beneficiaries accessed cash benefits at ATMs in Colorado stores that sell marijuana at least 64 times during the first month recreational pot was legal in the state, according to a new report. Based on a review of transaction records obtained by National Review Online, a total of $5,475 in public cash benefits in amounts ranging from $20 to $400 were withdrawn at pot shops in January. The average withdrawal was  $85.55. To be sure, 64 is a small fraction of what Read more […]

Another Reason Obamacare Must Go With The Rest Of Welfare State: Legal Marijuana

We live in an insane society where almost anything that is not statutorily criminal is forced on us as something we must believe is good for us. This is one of the problems I warned about regarding the Colorado voters’ decision to decriminalize marijuana–this toxic assumption in society: We have developed a frightening legal environment in this country that anything that is “legal” becomes a civil rights issue allowing a person to sue employers and landlords and anyone else who doesn’t Read more […]

Pat Buchanan Condemns Freedom To Smoke Pot And Own AR-15s

As the Daily Caller (who originally posted the video) reports: Buchanan discussed legalization with John McLaughlin during Saturday’s “The McLaughlin Group,” with McLaughlin asking whether “the era of pot prohibition is coming to an end.” “I think it is, to a degree, coming to an end, which means there will be more potheads, and more high school dropouts and more automobile accidents involving marijuana, John,” he said. […] “There’s no doubt that there’s a real trend Read more […]

Should Conservatives Lobby Feds To Crack Down On Colorado Pot Smokers Or Sellers?

I’m a conservative and not a libertarian. But I think drug laws are tyrannical and need to be repealed. Obviously, not all conservatives will agree with me. But I want to mostly talk in this post about some basic conservative principles we should all agree on. 1. Whether or not drugs should be decriminalized (I’m going to avoid using the word “legal” for reasons I will explain later), it is obviously, under our Constitution, up to state governments to make the decision for our states. One Read more […]

If Gay Marriage Is a Civil Right, So Are Magic Mushrooms

The Supreme Court is set to make a ruling any time now, possibly even today, on gay marriage. One of the particular matters in question is whether it is constitutional for states that don’t recognize gay marriage not to recognize the unions of homosexual couples who were “married” in other, pro-gay-marriage states. Fred Sainz, a spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign, is quoted in Friday’s Washington Post as saying, “Equal protection means that every family should have access to the same protections Read more […]

Blacks, Marijuana, And Multiculturalism

I would like to criticize my neighbor, who, despite the fact that he’s a father to two toddlers, smokes pot. It’s important to note that he is black, and for that reason, liberals tell me, I can’t criticize his drug use; it’s part of the black culture, they say (which makes me want to ask, “What is? Marijuana, or breaking the law?”). There are numerous nauseating writings on the inherent so-called racism of drug laws because they mostly affect black people (here’s one). Much like how anti-cannibalism Read more […]