Retired Judge Calls on Congress to Remove ‘Gender Reassignment’ Judge

I received the following from my friend Judge Darrell White (retired) concerning the sex-change operation that a prisoner demanded, a judge approved, and tax payers will have to pay for. The following was sent to Congressmen Bill Cassidy (R-LA) and Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE). Following Judge White’s letter is an article written by Dr. Gary North, the Tea Party Economist, on this same topic. It was included in Judge White’s response to the two congressmen: “Respectfully, any federal judge who Read more […]

Massachusetts Ordered to Pay for Murderer’s Sex-Change Operation

Robert Kosilek killed his wife Cheryl in 1990 and was convicted of murder. Since then, while serving a life sentence in a Massachusetts prison, he’s been living as a woman, taking hormones. Now his name is “Michelle.” But, the hormones only do so much, so “Michelle” is demanding surgery to rearrange his sex organs so that they somehow resemble those of a woman. They call this “sex reassignment” surgery. The Washington Examiner reports: Kosilek first sued the Massachusetts Department Read more […]