Death Panels On “The Five” – Hatred For Sarah Palin Grows As She’s Vindicated!

I’ve said before that Obamacare is the death panel. We already see how Medicaid is causing shortages. And the Obamacare law is doing the same thing. NPR confirmed what the New York Times reported: patients are getting access to fewer doctors and hospitals. Specialists are often outside their network. Which brings us to the repeated accusations against Sarah Palin where the same people rationalizing Obama’s repeated and emphatic lie were claiming she was a liar. The video puts it all out there. Notice Read more […]

Martin Bashir Apologizes & Sarah Palin Dared Speak Of Slavery

Most of my posts take on a tone of outrage. When I saw Martin Bashir’s attack on Sarah Palin I couldn’t figure out a way to express how outraged I was, so I just mocked him a bit and pointed out that he had created a rationale for telling many slaves to shut up and stop whining. Now Bashir has apologized by saying he is so sorry he was dragged down to Palin’s level. (Here it is. Listen to it; read it. Tell me I’m wrong.) And, of course, it is one hundred percent fraudulent. Bashir didn’t Read more […]

Martin Bashir’s Crush On Sarah Palin Is Getting Embarrassing! Stop The Public Bathroom Talk!

So Palin said that the debt load is going to be “like slavery.” Martin Bashir finds a story about slavery (interestingly he had to travel outside the American South) that includes defecating and urinating in the slave’s mouth. Then he suggests that this should happen to Sarah Palin. Right, when someone mentions slavery they are obviously referring to the worst possible violation or humiliation one could imagine. That makes perfect sense. What about the house servants in the American Read more […]