Barack Obama Pretends Muslims Aren’t Killing Christians

We have an international event in which Muslims are killing Christians and the President won’t acknowledge it as real persecution. I’ve written before about both George W. Bush’s and Barack Obama’s lack of action on behalf of the persecuted church. Now Kirsten Powers nails it in regard to Obama. From USA Today: “Christians thrown overboard left to drown by Obama.” What do you call it when 12 men are drowned at sea for praying to Jesus? Answer: Religious persecution. Yet, when Read more […]

Easter Faith Is the Only Basis for Christian Heroism

If you don’t have Easter faith — real belief in the resurrection — you won’t be willing to give your life. If the message you heard in Church on Easter Sunday could not be delivered to the families of those who died for following Jesus in Kenya this week—if it’s some kind of humanist rah-rah triumphalism focused on how God wants you happy and rich in this life—you might have been better off to just stand up, walk away fast, and never go back. The Christian Post reported, “’If Read more […]

The Massacre of Christians in Iraq: The West is Silent because the West is Guilty

If you are a Christian who cheered the invasion of Iraq, what do you think now? From the Telegraph: “Iraqi Christians are raped, murdered and driven from their homes – and the West is silent.” For the first time in 1,600 years, Mass is not being said in Mosul: an ancient culture has been wiped out in a matter of weeks. It’s a war crime that, strangely, no one seems to want to talk about. Mosul is the second-largest city in Iraq and the place where many Christians believe Jonah was buried. Read more […]

Official Court Verdict: Sudanese Woman Will be Hanged for Confessing Christ

Meriam Ibrahim’s death sentence is now official. The wife of an American citizen, and mother of two Americans, is to be flogged and hanged for the “crimes” of being a Christian, and marrying a Christian. To be clear: although the charge is apostasy, she has never been a Muslim; although the other charge is adultery, it is for having relations with her husband. From al-Arabia News: A Sudanese woman doctor who married a Christian man was sentenced to death on Thursday for converting to Christianity, Read more […]

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama about a Christian Facing Death in Sudan

From Morningstar News: Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, 27, and her Christian husband also have a toddler son. As marriage to a Christian man is prohibited for a Muslim woman in Sudan, Ibrahim also could be given 100 lashes for “adultery,” the sources said. If convicted of “apostasy” and “adultery,” the whipping and execution would be administered soon after giving birth to her second child, due next month, according to a rights worker for Justice Center Sudan in Khartoum. “We are fighting for Read more […]