The Democrats Created This Mess

The following letter was sent to me from Mark E. Edmiston about who is really responsible for so much of what is going on in our nation. What it does not say is why this information is not better known. If any of what you are about to read had been said or done by Republicans, the stories would have appeared on the front page of every newspaper across America for at least three weeks. Every liberal website would have hammered the stories into the American psyche on a daily basis. But because these Read more […]

Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy — Poster Boys for the War on Women

Bill Clinton spoke at the Democratic National Convention to save Barack Obama’s failed presidency. But did he instead remind the American people that he mistreated women — from an intern who was the same age of his daughter to his wife who had to grin and bear his infidelity in public? Clinton had sex with an impressionable and vulnerable young woman who was serving as a White House intern. He abused his authority in the same way some teachers abuse their authority by having sex with their students. Read more […]