The Deep South Is Free of Democrat Senators!

No Democrat Senators are left in an entire region of the country! You already know that the Democrats have lost big, and you probably have heard that their defeat just grew by one more Senator over the weekend. But you may not realize the full massive extent of their loss in the Senate. I love the way that ABC News expressed the significance of the Democrats’ loss: “Landrieu Loses LA Senate Race to GOP Rep. Cassidy.” The final outstanding Senate race of 2014 was decided Saturday Read more […]

Obama Lied Knowing That The Truth Would Come Out: Are We As Stupid As He Thinks?

As I’ve already written, the Republicans gave Obama a way to delay Obamacare for a year, blame the Republicans, and try to fix He didn’t want it. Obama knew that his promises about being permitted to keep your health plan or keep your doctor would be revealed as lies. He didn’t stop from telling them over and over. In fact, he not only told lies but threatened people who exposed his lies: But know this:  I will not waste time with those who have made the calculation Read more […]