Even Democratic Strongholds Struggle with Bathroom

Earlier this month, Political Outcast posted stories about bathroom bills in Texas that are not surprisingly facing opposition in the conservative state.  But now, it seems that our tolerant friends on the other side of the aisle are not quite ready to embrace the practice of transgenders being allowed to use any bathroom they please. According to the Massachusetts Family Institute, a bill that would have allowed transgender individuals to use whatever bathroom that they feel comfortable using Read more […]

Mother, Children, Terrorized by Police by Mistake

She was naked, clutching her children, and praying as her fiancé was also terrorized by police. I guess Marianne Diaz should count herself lucky that no one in her household was shot dead, while lying face down. CBS Boston reports, “SWAT Team Raids Wrong Worcester Home, Residents Say.” Marianne Diaz and her fiancé, Bryant Alequin, felt their lives were in danger when a SWAT team raided their third-floor apartment on Hillside Street with guns drawn. Diaz says she grabbed her seven-year-old Read more […]

Gordon College Bears Christian Witness in the Midst of Hatred

Despite having a legal case, Gordon College has elected not to use the courts against their enemies. Our era is well summed up by the title of an old book by Dr. Francis Schaeffer: Escape from Reason. When you attempt to follow many arguments against Christians back to a consistent starting point, you end up in dead-ends and collapsed bridges. We have become a people who react purely out of blind emotion—parroting baseless, “focus tested” talking-points from a political hack somewhere. The Read more […]

Global Warming Forum Threatened by Record Snowstorm

Yesterday, news broke that a record snowstorm was jeopardizing a scheduled propaganda event for the cause of man-made climate change. From the Climate Change Dispatch: “‘Snowmageddon’ Threatens Massachusetts Global Warming Forum.” The record-shattering snow that has shut down Boston’s public transit system threatens to white out a global warming forum organized by Massachusetts Senate President Stanley Rosenberg (D, Amherst). Rosenberg scheduled the forum for 1 PM Tuesday beneath Read more […]

DOJ Forces Schools to Accept Adult Illegal Aliens

Questions on the application for a job in government, for dealing with adult illegal aliens or anything else: 1. Have you ever had a lobotomy? Yes or no? (If not, Obamacare will provide one at no charge to you before starting work.) 2. Do you know how to follow orders without question or thought? (If not, hand in your application now and thank you for your time.) 3. Have you ever actually read the U.S. Constitution? (If yes, thank you for your interest; we have no openings at Read more […]

Veteran Affairs Scandal Is Still Real and Must Not Be Forgotten!

The problem with President Barack Obama’s scandals is that news of one crowds out attention to one of the older ones. The Veteran Affairs scandal, for example, is something I often forget about. I know it is still a grave injustice and danger to veterans. But many other scandals squeeze it out of my thinking. Well here is something that might help keep it fresh! From CBS Boston: “I-Team: Acton Vet Finally Gets VA Doctor’s Appointment – 2 Years After He Died.” “He was steadfast. He Read more […]

Catholic Bishops Bless Massachusetts Gun Prohibitionists

Four Roman Catholic bishops have issued a letter about “the Act Relative to Gun Violence” recently introduced in the Massachusetts legislature. They write: The Roman Catholic Bishops of the Commonwealth are in support of adjustments to existing firearm laws. Any law that would address the role that violence, some mental illnesses, and substance abuse play in many tragedies involving firearms would be a welcomed advance in this area of the law and would be a great benefit to our society.  It Read more […]

Justina Pelletier Is Still Held Captive by the Government-Medical Complex

Howie Carr of WRKO interviewed Justina Pelletier’s father, Lou. When I wrote about this story back in February (and followed up a few days later) I never imagined this farce could continue.  But it has continued. Scott Lazarowitz at the Lewrockwell.com  blog makes several observations about this interview: My immediate take after hearing the interview: 1. The “doctors” really are, in my view, religiously devoted to their ideology of “somatoform disorder” and “behavior modification,” Read more […]

YMCA Mandates Doughnut Shop Replace Doughnuts With Worse Food

From Fox News: A doughnut shop chain won’t be selling doughnuts at a new Massachusetts location. Quincy’s licensing board this week approved a plan for Honey Dew Donuts to open a shop inside the city’s new $30 million YMCA. Sara Trubiano, YMCA spokeswoman tells The Patriot Ledger that the elimination of the sweet treat fit with the the Y’s focus on physical fitness. “It’s definitely tailored to the healthy lifestyle the Y supports,” she said. The shop will sell coffee, low-fat muffins, Read more […]

Even The Romneycare State Can’t Get Their Website To Work

Back when healthcare.gov was first blowing up, we often heard that the only problems were with the states that had not built their own healthcare exchanges. The implication was that it was really the fault of Republican governors and Republican state legislatures that the website was crashing so badly. But the states have been having troubles too! Consider Massachusetts. According to Politico: Massachusetts’s experiment with health reform — led by Gov. Mitt Romney in 2006 — has long been Read more […]

If You Voted For Romney To Get Rid Of Obamacare, His Presidency Would Have Disappointed You

The New American covers Mitt Romney’s recent interview with David Gregory on “Meet the Press, in which he admitted that health insurance, after Romneycare, became more expensive in Massachusetts than in any other state. Despite all these negatives — not to mention the fact that Romneycare has caused such high healthcare costs in Massachusetts that the state has imposed price controls on healthcare — Romney still stands by his law as the right plan for Massachusetts, and possibly for the rest Read more […]

Ed Markey: The Wrong Choice And Therefore The Right Choice

Yesterday Massachusetts voters decided on the man they wanted to replace Senator John Kerry, who vacated the Senate to move up in the ranks to replace the Secretary of State position vacated by Hillary Clinton. Lot of shifting going on. The Senate position is a temporary one, to be held for the 17 months before the midterm elections in November 2014. The two choices, Representative Ed Markey, the Democrat, and businessman Gabriel Gomez, the Republican, left much to be desired, in my book. But, Read more […]