Does The Senate’s Homosexual Bill Go With Or Against Belief In Evolution? Dare We Ask?

As threatened, the Senate passed a so-called “gay-rights bill” yesterday. Nothing in it refers to the right to life, liberty, property, or the pursuit of happiness.  Nor is it really about the right to be hired, promoted, or not fired for reason of being homosexual. Yes, I read the description: The legislation passed by the Senate would bar government agencies, labor unions and private employers with more than 15 employees from making decisions about hiring, firing, promotions or other matters Read more […]

Raw Story Half-Baked: Mockery Of Michelle Malkin Deflects Attention From Real Abuse Of Power

I completely missed Michelle Malkin’s column on Kathleen Sebelius until I stumbled on the Raw Story’s attack on Malkin for writing it. Tom Bogg gratuitously brought up a video Malkin made many years ago because it served his purpose to find stuff he thought he could use to make her look stupid. (For the record, I disagree with Malkin when she preaches war as if anything we’ve done in the last decade has had any effect other than degrade our national security—which was the point of her Read more […]

No Really, Libertarians: Don’t Be a Brat At DUI Checkpoints

As an addendum to my piece yesterday on Libertarian kids using Libertarianism as an excuse to misbehave, thus doing the cause no favors, I draw your attention to two pictures circulating the social networks that instruct these kids exactly how to misbehave. There are many others like these images; I am using these as representatives of them all. They are here and here. Both images instruct us that the best and wisest thing to do when being stopped by a police officer is to immediately do something Read more […]

Dear Libertarians: When Pulled Over At DUI Checkpoints, Don’t Be a Brat

An article at The Daily Caller alerted me to a video recorded on Independence Day in which a 21-year-old refuses to roll down his window all the way at a DUI checkpoint and causes all kinds of trouble for the police who are just doing their jobs on a night they’d much rather be spending with their families and not having to deal with self-righteous punks. As one who considers himself a conservative libertarian who would like to see the movement catch on, it disturbs me when I see kids using libertarianism Read more […]

The Great Education Swindle

In his book, How Do We Know, Leonard Read claims that Napoleon Bonaparte was “more than anyone, responsible for government ‘education’ in the U.S.A.” As a firm believer in “education” (i.e. indoctrination), Napoleon was an early proponent of government-funded schools. Interestingly, Napoleon was less concerned with elementary education and allowed these to be administrated by local municipalities and religious groups. A true centralizer, Napoleon was more interested in secondary education, Read more […]