Is Islam a Threat to America?

We recently moved to the beautiful state of North Carolina – one of the fastest growing states in the nation. My family attended one of the local churches and a guest preacher was speaking about the church’s outreach to the ever-growing populace from all over the nation, and the world. The preacher explained that North Carolina has changed from a small town feel where everyone assumed his or her neighbor attended a church in the Christian faith. Now, people of many faiths, or no faith at Read more […]

The Cruise from Hell that Made America

Cruises are great. My wife and children have been on several of them. I’ve never been on a cruise from hell, however. There have been several of them in the past few years. While my wife and I were on a cruise in the Western Caribbean out of Galveston, we got news of the January 2012 cruise ship in Tuscany, Italy, that toppled onto its side and left the 4200 aboard with no cruise and 32 dead and 64 injured. Let’s not forget the Titanic that on its “maiden voyage in 1912 . . . sank into the Read more […]