Second Amendment Victory Against Michael Bloomberg’s Cash!

A Second Amendment victory was won at the polls yesterday, despite opposition from the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns. MAIG is basically a product of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s money. The group had chosen to make a special project of defeating the incumbent sheriff in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, David Clarke. Clarke is a Democrat, but he is known for his strong support for the Second Amendment. Bloomberg wanted to defeat a “pro-gun” sheriff. The Washington Times Read more […]

Bloomberg Group Defection Shows Second Amendment Still Popular

The organization that is now called Everytown for Gun Safety, but until recently was named Mayors Against Illegal Guns (which is really a group that wants more guns to be illegal), is former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s baby. He has put a lot of money into it. Because Bloomberg has so much money and clout, his support for opposing the Second Amendment can seem overwhelming. But it isn’t. Despite all that money Bloomberg’s group faces overwhelming popular opposition. This is demonstrated Read more […]

Mayors Against Illegal Guns Shows That Liberals’ Goals Are Worse Than They Say

Since I know Michael Bloomberg is an anti-gun zealot, I am not surprised that his Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization is an anti-second-amendment lobbying group. Of course, the name of that group could be given a less dramatic interpretation. It could be an organization that opposes the minors having handguns where they are illegal, or opposes ex-cons getting guns. Even much of that is too much to my mind. I’ve never understood why felons who have served their time to do not get their right Read more […]

One Of Bloomberg’s Own Arrested On Gun Charges

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is the most anti-gun person I have ever heard of.  It seems the very mention of a private citizen owning a gun sends him into fits of rage and verbal attacks that remind one of Adolf Hitler.  In fact, some of Bloomberg’s policies and actions also remind me of Hitler. In his crusade against guns, Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino launched a campaign in 2006 called Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  The organization of city mayors supports most gun control Read more […]