McDonald’s Still Declining because Food Overpriced: Raise Minimum Wage?

McDonald’s tried to ditch their dollar menu but customers are finding the food overpriced. Mark Horne has written about the problem facing McDonald’s before. It is also a problem for advocates of raising the minimum wage. A recent report shows the problem is still weighing McDonald’s down. According to CNBC, “McDonald’s is losing fierce fast-food fight.” Last week, McDonald’s reported its global comparable sales fell again, dropping 0.7 percent in the second quarter. Meanwhile, Read more […]

Raise Minimum Wage and Workers Cut Hours to Keep Welfare

Reportedly, Seattle’s law to raise minimum wage is running into a conflict with the welfare state. As Mark reported back in 2013, one attempt to propagandize for a higher minimum wage was to accuse large companies using unskilled labor of being “welfare queens.” McDonald’s and Walmart were smeared with this term because anyone who was trying to live on a single income as one of their employees would need government assistance to live. The idea was pushed that McDonald’s and Walmart are Read more […]

Declining McDonald’s Mocked for Resisting Higher Wages

Why is McDonald’s mocked for trying to stay afloat? Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing is all outraged that McDonald’s is fighting Seattle’s tremendously high minimum wage. He can’t believe that people who are merely being forced to do things against their will under the threat of violent punishment would think they have any reason to appeal to the Fourteenth Amendment—because that was about slavery. He even trots out the Liberal cliché about how corporations aren’t people. This is a Read more […]

Raising Minimum Wage Is Just Promoting Automation

If raising minimum wage really worked, then why not raise it to a hundred dollars an hour? Happy Day, Hal. You’re hired! Touch-screen Number Five… you’re alive! Via the Daily Signal: The president only has to look at McDonald’s restaurants in France to see the impact a higher minimum wage would have. France’s minimum wage is $10.60 an hour. Not surprisingly, every McDonald’s has resorted to using touch screen ordering rather than workers. It simply doesn’t make sense, when minimum Read more […]

Is There a Reason So Many Retail CEOs are Moving On?

A large number of retail CEOs are leaving their companies. Retail spending is up we are told, but is it up enough and consistently enough for big retailers to recover and survive? Some of the retail news seems ambiguous. We have an increase in spending but Black Friday was lackluster (see this report, for example). Are retailers feeling economic pressure and, as a result, moving on to other jobs? This Forbes headline mentions Abercrombie, Walgreens, and Target. But the content tells of Read more […]

McDonald’s Sales Collapsing from Obama Recovery

McDonald’s sales have declined drastically in the last month. Why should conservatives care about a fast food chain? There are two special reasons. The first is that we are constantly bombarded with propaganda about a “living wage” or at least an increase in the minimum wage law. Obviously, McDonald’s cannot afford that. Unions and other liberals continue to treat McDonald’s as a hoarder of money, when they are in fact a vulnerable group of restaurants. The other reason is that it Read more […]

Why Do McDonald’s Customers Need the FDA?

Are McDonald’s customers safer because of the Food and Drug Administration? We need the FDA to keep our food safe, right? But what if people don’t trust the FDA? As it happens, the Food and Drug Administration has declared the newest, uh, creation of J.R. Simplot Company—a genetically modified potato. It has their stamp of approval. J. R. Simplot is free to sell it and consumers are free to eat it. With the FDA’s approval, we are all supposed to feel confident that the potato Read more […]

Marc Faber Says McDonald’s Decline Means the Economy Will Decline

CNBC interviewed Marc Faber recently, and he pointed to happenings with McDonald’s. Via CNBC: On Tuesday, McDonald’s reported that global same-store sales in August fell 3.7 percent in August, well short of expectations. The worst drop occurred in the Asia-Pacific region on the back of a Chinese meat safety scandal, but even U.S. sales slid 2.8 percent. For Faber, those results are a perfect example of the damage being done by central banks—and the harbinger of more bad news to come. “Nobody Read more […]

McDonald’s Sales in Decline So Let’s Raise Minimum Wage!

As you may know, unions are scheming for ways to force fast food franchises to raise their minimum wage. Usually, McDonald’s is treated as the wealthiest of these franchises. Everyone seems to assume they have plenty of money and are only refusing to pay employees more out of spite. I’ve mentioned before that McDonald’s is not that well off. And the bad news keeps coming. According to CNN: “McDonald’s July sales fell more than expected.” McDonald’s on Friday reported July sales results Read more […]

A Living Wage? Your Bad Life is Not Your Employer’s Fault (but It Might Be Yours)

Gee, I think I should make $100 an hour… just because I think I should. Does it matter whether my work produces that kind of economic value? Heck, of course not! Just like it doesn’t for these whiners. From Associated Press: “Fast food workers prepare to escalate wage demands.” About 1,300 workers are scheduled to attend sessions Friday and Saturday at an expo center in Villa Park, Illinois, where they’ll be asked to do “whatever it takes” to win $15-an-hour wages and a union, said Kendall Read more […]

McDonald’s Owners Are As Pessimistic as Ever, So Let’s Double Their Labor Costs

You would have to be living under a rock in this country to not realize that there are a shipload of fools who think that it is self evident that McDonald’s restaurants should be paying no less than fifteen dollars an hour to their employees. The assumption is that the restaurants have swimming pools full of cash in which the owners are frolicking like Scrooge McDuck. Here’s a little tip from CNBC: “McDonald’s franchisees most pessimistic in a decade.” McDonald’s franchisees’ sales outlook Read more […]

The Delusion Of The Pay Period Is Allowing Leftist Attacks On The Market

I just posted about the lawsuit against McDonald’s and wrote that some aspects seemed frivolous and others might be serious. Some of the accusations are in a middle position in my opinion. I’ve felt the frustration for my family schedule of not knowing exactly when a child has to be at work (though it is minimal for us because it typically only varies by an hour). By the way, neither of my working children is currently working for McDonald’s. McDonald’s is doing nothing exceptional, as far Read more […]