Coming Soon to the U.S.: Punitive Tax on Meat

As you know, from news of cities regulating soda sizes to complaints about school lunches, there are people in power who are determined to save us from our eating and drinking habits. Now, news from the UK shows us what will soon be happening in our country. Breitbart London reports, An influential think-tank with close ties to government has co-authored a report advocating so called meat tax as a means to lower meat consumption worldwide. Tackling climate change and improving public health Read more […]

Nutrition Guidelines will Oppose Meat for the Environment

The fact that they can’t oppose meat for nutritional reasons should tell you something. I warned about this earlier because it was plain what the committee planned to do. Now the Hill reports, “Vegan diet best for planet.” A federal panel that helps set federal dietary guidelines is recommending Americans eat less meat because it’s better for the environment, sparking outrage from industry groups representing the nation’s purveyors of beef, pork and poultry. The Dietary Guidelines Read more […]

Congress Wants Government Nutritionists to Leave Environment Alone

Government nutritionists have been told to stop talking about “sustainability.” Even though I don’t believe in evolution, I am very appreciative of Robb Wolf’s work on ancestral eating. Just read the testimonials and you will find many people who have been helped, not only for bodyweight issues, but also in a variety of auto-immunity and other health problems. But yesterday on his Facebook profile he shares this link, saying: I know folks do not find the sustainability schtick as sexy Read more […]

The Organic Scam

“Organic” food is all the rage these days. Enter any grocery store and look for the “organic” label and you will find it to be 1-2 dollars more than the “inorganic” option. Parents looking to give their kids healthier food options are spending more—up to twice as much—in an effort to avoid chemical fertilizers and pesticides. And that is only the vegetables; “organic” meat is in an entirely different price category. What is frustrating about the whole affair is that “organic” Read more […]