Carson Surges; Media Get Their Racism On

As Ben Carson’s presidential candidacy seems to be soaring, the left-wing media are in a lather to destroy him. A new Quinnipiac poll shows Carson crushing Hillary Clinton by 10 points in a theoretical matchup. Therefore, the media have decided he must be stopped. This is what the media do to black Americans who stray from the liberal farm. It’s the same sort of attempted lynching given to Clarence Thomas all those years ago. To be sure, the lynching of Ben Carson hasn’t gotten into full Read more […]

Ben Carson, a Balanced Budget, and a Confused Media

Presidential candidate Ben Carson recently told Kai Rissdal of NPR’s Marketplace that he would aggressively balance the US budget. When asked about the budget, Carson said, First of all, recognize that it’s not that difficult. If we simply refuse to extend the budget by one penny for three to four years, you got a balanced budget. Just like that. So this is not pie in the sky, very difficult thing to accomplish. Having said that, one of the bugaboos that has kept us from reducing government in Read more […]

Media Shield Law About Protecting Careers, Not Truth

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer was trumpeting a proposed media shield law today, saying there are enough supporters that it may be able to pass this year. Schumer mentioned that in addition to the Democrats, the bill is supported by five Republicans and the White House. The proposed law would protect journalists from having to reveal confidential sources when they publish information embarrassing to the Powers That Be. Sounds like a good idea on first blush, but as you might expect with any Read more […]

New Year’s Coming, and Liberal Media are Going

A large part of the reason liberals have been able to maintain a chokehold on this country is that they have been able to count on the complicity of what has been laughingly termed “mainstream” media. Conservatives know from being on the receiving end of years of gut-wrenchingly bad and biased reporting that the not-even-close-to-mainstream media lean way to the left and spend most of their time trying to persuade the country that what used to be normal is now evil. (What basis the predominantly Read more […]

’60 Minutes’ Apologizes Over Benghazi Story

One of the things a journalist hates most is to thoroughly research a story, vet his sources, put out the truth to the public and then have the rug pulled out from under him by a source who kept a crucial detail to himself. It’s impossible for a journalist to do more than is humanly possible to verify someone else’s eye witness account of a news event. If a witness turns out to be a skillful liar, then the result can be what just happened to “60 Minutes,” being forced to apologize for a report Read more […]

Senate Tries to Divvy Up First Amendment Rights

The Senate is considering a so-called shield law that would protect journalists from having to reveal their confidential sources when they report on the news. While on its face it may sound like a good idea, the only reason governments ever create shield laws is because they want to spell out circumstances under which they can go after people who spill the beans about government secrets and corruption. Under the First Amendment, Americans have the right to say anything they like about any piece Read more […]

State Department Unsure if Taliban are Terrorists

A spokeswoman for the State Department said she was “not sure” whether the Taliban is considered a terrorist organization when she was questioned by reporters at a Tuesday press briefing. Spokeswoman Jen Psaki’s confusion is understandable, since the U.S. announced on Tuesday that it was entering negotiations with the Taliban to end more than a decade of war. When reporters questioned the legality of holding negotiations with a group that had previously been designated a terrorist organization, Read more […]

Hasbro Indoctrinates Kids With a Transsexual Superhero

Hasbro is one of those companies that most of us could never imagine as one of life’s bad guys. The people at Hasbro make toys and children’s entertainment, for crying out loud. Sure they’ve been behind some animated shows that were little more than extended commercials for the latest action figure, but  Hasbro has never been high on the list of things parents need to worry about. How things change. In more ways than one, in this case. Hasbro and Discovery, co-owners of The Hub children’s Read more […]

As IRS Scandal Grows, So Does Obama’s Irresponsibility

When an IRS official apologized for targeting Tea Party and patriot groups for harassment, at first it was President Bush’s fault because the office manager who was ordering his employees to stall conservatives’ nonprofit applications had been appointed under the Bush regime. When that didn’t work and it quickly became obvious that the IRS was engaging in a much broader policy of targeting conservatives, religious groups and even journalists who wrote stories not flattering to the president, then Read more […]

Boston Bomb Suspects Had ‘Terrorist’ License Plate

It’s a good thing that the people charged with protecting America from enemies foreign and domestic aren’t allowed to profile potential suspects. We all know profiling is wrong. Just imagine if law enforcement had profiled a bunch of young Muslims whose hobbies included being on terrorist watch lists, being the subject of warnings to the U.S. by Russian and Saudi Arabian officials,  spending time on jihadist websites, driving around with a sign that said “Terrorista #1.” … Azamat Tazhayakov Read more […]

Liberals Try to Pin Texas Plant Explosion on Republican Governor

Is there any incident of mass death that liberals won’t exploit for political points? If the behavior of the Sacramento Bee and newspaper cartoonist Jack Ohman is typical, then the answer is no. The Bee ran an Ohman cartoon that attempts to link Texas Gov. Rick Perry to the recent fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, that killed 14 and injured 200. The cartoon’s first panel shows Perry at a podium in front of a banner that says “Low Tax! Low Regs!” Perry is saying “Business is booming Read more […]

Is It Muslim Terrorism Yet?

Oh, it’s just a couple of typical American kids — that was Michael Moore’s reaction. The American system twisted a couple of good Chechen boys — from the president of Chechnya. The two boys suspected in the Boston Marathon bombings were angels who are being set up by American officials — the bombing suspects’ parents and aunt said  that. But Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were not typical, they weren’t angels and regardless of their citizenship status they were clearly Muslim first. The Read more […]