Big Pharma Plans to Bankrupt States

The Associated Press reports, “New $710-a-day drug hailed as a lifesaver but shows how treatments can strain Medicaid budgets.” A newly approved drug is being hailed as a major advance in treatment of cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening genetic disease that clogs the lungs with mucus and forces patients to struggle to breathe. But it comes with a punishing price tag — about $710 per patient per day. The treatment takes a bite out of Medicaid programs that are already facing big budget problems, Read more […]

Planned Parenthood Funding is Out in Texas

Planned Parenthood has recently learned that the State of Texas intends to cut funding to Medicaid’s support of their agency. Texas Monthly reported that the Inspector General of the State of Texas, Stuart Bowen, Jr., said this in a letter to the agency: “The State has determined that you and your Planned Parenthood affiliates are no longer capable of performing medical services in a professionally competent, safe, legal and ethical manner,” and that as a result, Planned Parenthood will be Read more […]

Federal Hypocrites Threaten Alabama for Defunding Planned Parenthood

Defunding Planned Parenthood removes options from consumers and is thus forbidden say the people who promised we could keep our doctors. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. People who lie for and steal for (taxes) an organization that devours infants for their spare parts are not going to be ashamed to commit a bit of bold-faced hypocrisy. Such people are quite shameless. How could they not be? But the excuse they are giving to claim that Alabama can be prosecuted for defunding Planned Parenthood Read more […]

John Kasich Appeals to Sins of Reagan to Justify Himself

Are all the sins of Reagan now going to be trotted out as precedents for Republican malfeasance? John Kasich is the Republican governor of Ohio and he is running for President. I have no idea why. I have never heard of him before. But he is one of those governors who took the Washington D.C. Obamacare bait and increased funding for Medicaid in his state. The Federal government’s story is that this is free money that can do a lot of good. Of course, the real story is that this is increased debt Read more […]

Alaska Governor Follows Obama’s Example: Uses Pen to Make Policy

The Alaska Governor unilaterally expands Medicaid after the legislature wouldn’t do it. Barack Obama famously (or infamously) said that, if Congress refused to do his will, he had a pen and phone and would act without them. Now we find the Alaska governor is following the President’s example. The headline at makes the issue clear: “What Legislature? Alaska Gov Expands Medicaid Solo.” Alaska’s legislature didn’t move to expand Medicaid, so Gov. Bill Walker is doing it on Read more […]

Obamacare Success: More Medicaid Enrollees; Less Medicaid

The government has arranged more Medicaid recruitment with less Medicaid reimbursement. What could go wrong? Only a zealous statist (i.e. worshiper of the state) would be so blind as to not see what was going to happen. I’m sure there are many who did see it, like Jonathan Gruber, but who are laughing to themselves about the stupid American voters. Sadly, the term “zealous statist” applies to all the major media networks, all democrats, many Republicans, and 99.9 percent of politicians Read more […]

Feds to Tennessee on Obamacare: Obedience is Mandatory

From the Tennessean: “Feds give Tennessee 10 days to address ACA failures.” The federal director of Medicaid programs has put Tennessee on notice that it has failed to provide services for people as required by the Affordable Care Act and is giving the state 10 days to submit a correction plan. The crux of the problem is delays with bringing a $35 million computer system online. However, Tennessee is also criticized for not providing people with face-to-face help in applying and for not setting Read more […]

Barack Obama Claims States Motivated by No Other Reason than “Political Spite”

If I had to guess, I would say that what we have here is a clear case of projection—Barack Obama projects his own faults and habits of thought and motives onto his opponents. Whatever the reason, Barack Obama can’t imagine any other reason for states to turn down expanded Medicaid coverage except out of “spite.” From CNS News: Republicans “still can’t bring themselves to admit that the Affordable Care Act is working,” President Obama told a news conference on Thursday. He also took Read more […]

Megan McArdle: Obamacare Will Probably Increase ER Visits

Supposedly, having insurance is going to make people less reliant on the Emergency Room. They will see their primary care physician instead. Except that the only evidence we have says that the opposite will happen. Megan McArdle writes on a new finding released from the “Oregon Medicaid Study.” This study is unique because it gives us a random sample: A few years back, Oregon found enough money in its budget to add 10,000 people to Medicaid. Because more than 10,000 people wanted to go Read more […]

Cute Headline Papers Over Another Possible Healthcare Computer Disaster Ahead

How do you report really ominous news when you don’t want people to dislike your favored politician? For the New York Times the answer is to lead with a bunch of nonsense and bury the bad news: “Roughed Up By An Orca? There’s A Code For That.” Know someone who drowned from jumping off burning water skis? Well, there’s a new medical billing code for that. Been injured in a spacecraft? There’s a new code for that, too. Roughed up by an Orca whale? It’s on the list. Next fall, a transformation Read more […]

Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion: Millions Have Access To Doctor’s Waiting List… Forever

While most of Obamacare is a labyrinthine contrivance to avoid being socialized medicine (commonly known now by the odious euphemism “single payer”), the Medicaid component is pretty close to the real thing. In the case of Medicaid, the government pays for the medical care of some individuals. But they don’t pay a market price. Even more, they add to their payment structure complicated bureaucratic rules that doctors must follow. In a sense they are haggling with the doctors. They threaten Read more […]

Obamacare: Taking Ownership Of The Working Poor

I realize that Democrats scoff about such people, but there are poor people who don’t want to receive free government services. They find ways they can afford to live and they make enough to live that way. Maybe at some point they will lose their income and need state assistance, but until that point is reached, they will pay their own way as best as they can afford. What happens when the government prohibits these people, under penalty of law, from paying their own way, and instead forces them Read more […]