The Insane Orientation Understanding of Homosexuality Caused Humphrey Bogart Unnecessary Fear

Homosexuals and Liberals claim to be “progressive” on sexual identity. But that is a myth. They hold to exactly the same (groundless) model of sexual practice that was prevalent in the fifties and earlier. It was a flawed understanding that caused Humphrey Bogart to consider killing himself. The Daily Mail reports: “Screen legend Humphrey Bogart’s fears that he was gay ‘almost drove him to suicide’.” Sexually voracious and habitually unfaithful, Humphrey Bogart had three unhappy marriages Read more […]

Alcoholics Anonymous Is Being Quesitoned But the Disease Model Still Reigns

Using the language of “disease” or “sickness” as a metaphor for moral turpitude and/or depravity is an ancient practice. It makes sense. But that doesn’t mean that vices are really diseases. I am not guilty for being sick but I am guilty when I commit immoral acts. One of the main proponents of the “disease model” for alcoholism (or the vice of heavy drinking—just to give it a more neutral name) has been Alcoholics Anonymous. Interestingly, after dominating the field of recovering Read more […]